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  1. Akron, Ohio
  2. Experimental
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  1. Metonym
    by Machine Listener
  2. Concealed
    by Aaron Dilloway
  3. Door With No Handle
    by Aaron Dilloway
  4. The Gag Out
    by Aaron Dilloway
  5. Sniper Counter Sniper
    by Aaron Dilloway / John Wiese
  6. There's Nothing to Smile About
    by Mick Travis
  7. Colubrid
    by Machine Listener
  8. Hint
    by Seth Graham
  9. Gasp
    by Seth Graham
  10. Coniferous Myst / The Herbalists / Owlbear / Scrag Split
    by Coniferous Myst, The Herbalists, Owlbear, Scrag
  11. I Did It All For You
    by Murderer
  12. I've Told Lies Before
    by Peter J. Woods
  13. gray
    by greg gorlen
  14. i
    by gesis
  15. embers
    by black thread
  16. fruiting stump
    by gorlen
  17. After The Showers
    by Aaron Dilloway
  18. HARD PANNING (the ultimate contemporary cut-up harsh noise international compilation)
    by triangle.records
  19. facialmess / developer split
    by facialmess / developer
  20. conch
    by danny clay & greg gorlen
  21. unless
    by unless
  22. Fantasy Fracture
    by Power Monster
  23. Frivolurium
    by Thiaz Itch
  24. eigengrau rain
    by Fecal Vomit / EON
    appears in 1 other collection
  25. passing clouds
    by greg gorlen
  26. Horizzzons (Public House LP reissue)
    by Galerie Stratique
  27. Faux World (edit 2019)
    by Galerie Stratique
  28. bbob And RRRyan - Bean Stew
    by 905 Tapes
  29. Exhumed Corpse
    by Exhumed Corpse
  30. Le Origini Dell' Idolatria
    by Kam Hassah
  31. drifting snow
    by black thread
  32. MNR005: Shared System Series
    by Surachai
  33. Pigs
    by Spine Scavenger
  34. Ride The Fire Unicorn
    by EON
    appears in 1 other collection
  35. Sneezes & Breezes
    by Walter Carson
  36. fact072 c40
    by developer
  37. Spoilage
    by Ben Bennett
  38. Solo Bass
    by Devin Hoff
  39. Live in Chicago
    by Andrew Scott Young
  40. The Eye of the Duck
    by Dave Kane's Rabbit Project
  41. Trauma
    by The Flying Luttenbachers
  42. Chapel Floor
    by Aaron Martin
  43. Dead Teeth
    by Aaron Martin
  44. Worried about the Fire
    by Aaron Martin
  45. 5x2 (étude concrète) / 2012 ~ composition de musique concrète
    by Lionel Marchetti