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  1. Origami Angel - The Brightest Days
    by Counter Intuitive Records
  2. Origami Angel - GAMI GANG
    by Counter Intuitive Records
  3. Origami Angel - Somewhere City
    by Counter Intuitive Records
  4. Now On
    by as a sketch pad
  5. Daikichi Radio Live
    by Summer Eye
  6. 8月の夜
    by Kawabe Moto
  7. Skinned
    by ML Buch
  8. Blowout
    by John Carroll Kirby
  9. Commercial Break
    by Similar Kind
  10. PYL 3rd SEASON...
    by perfect young lady
  11. Lavender II
    by Claude Lavender
  12. Coast 2 Coast
    by Pearl & The Oysters
  13. The Seed of Silence
    by SIBAFÜ
  14. Get Out (feat. Reality Jonez)
    by Leonard Charles
  15. Change (feat. A.C. Freazy)
    by Leonard Charles
    appears in 1 other collection
  16. You're All I Need
    by Michael A. Dixon & J.O.Y.
  17. One Life To Live
    by Orville Shannon
  18. I’m Under Your Spell
    by Mind & Matter
    appears in 1 other collection
  19. The Way U Make Me Feel
    by Clarity
    by Deaf Touch Records