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  2. Metal
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  1. Heroine
    by Thornhill
  2. Heal My Head
    by Valleyheart
  3. Disposable Life
    by Knuckle Puck
  4. In Passing
    by Bloom
    In Passing In Passing
  5. Pilgrimage of the Soul
    by MONO
  6. Gone Are The Good Days
    by Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
    Complete You Complete You
  7. REPAY
    by The Plot In You
  8. Myra
    by Spurv
  9. These Small Spaces
    by This Patch of Sky
  10. We Might Be Alright
    by Waxflower
  11. The Greatest Mistake Of My Life
    by Holding Absence
  12. Everything Nice
    by arm's length
  13. Simpleton
    by Cold moon
  14. Jellyfish
    by Slowly Slowly
  15. New Normal
    by Horrorshow
  16. Into The Raging Sea
    by Broadside
  17. Holy Roller
    by Spiritbox
  18. Helix
    by Crystal Lake
  19. Big Vibe
    by Seaway
    Mrs. David Mrs. David
    Seaway flex their solid songwriting chops here - from the 1980's pop-rock echoes in 'Mrs. David' to the classic 2000's skate-punk sound in 'Still Blue', it's a big slice of feel-good fun - in a year which desparately needed it.
  20. Lie Through Your Teeth
    by Stuck Out