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  1. Planet Of Storms
    by Video Video
  2. Hot Shots
    by MicroMatscenes
  3. Night Flashes
    by Rollercoaster
  4. Sunset Driver
    by AWITW
  5. Virtual
    by Don
  6. A Bit of Previous
    by Belle and Sebastian
  7. Antisocialites
    by Alvvays
    Dreams Tonite Dreams Tonite
    Loving this album. 💗 So glad Alvvays is on Bandcamp! Molly's voice is hypnotic in such a beautiful way, the lyrics are so intriguing and the sound weaves such a great atmosphere; so easy to fall into like a big feather bed to blissfully dream about in.
  8. Dark All Day
    by GUNSHIP
  9. Art3mis & Parzival
    by GUNSHIP
  10. Left to Our Own Devices
    by Le Cassette
    I love the very full voice of the lead singer in this band. These songs with their 80s retro sound done in an amazing new way are so phenomenal. I get hooked on them & have to listen to them over & over. 💖 I love Arms of Mine & I Will Show You, but the whole album has a really great dynamic & each song is an experience ☺️💗
  11. Hot Summer Synth vol.2
    by Future 80's Records
  12. Synth Love Affair Vol.1
    by Future 80's Records
  13. Simulation
    by The Starfighter
  14. Synth Love Affair Vol.2
    by Future 80's Records
  15. Can We Talk...
    by Manhatten
  16. Midnight Maimer
    by Cluster Buster
  17. Blue Light Murder
    by Ron Cannon
  18. Metropolis
    by Metropolis
  19. Sleepless Nights
    by Backfrom84
  20. After Hours
    by The Starfighter