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  1. Home Made
    by Khaliji
    Tikkun Olam Tikkun Olam
    This is so good! A multitude of influences from folkloric Mediterranean flavours alongside deep improvisational grooves (incredible grooves) and a funky jazz sensibility. Sounds like it's always existed..
  2. Eeko
    by Jules Brennan
  3. Chasser la bête noire
    by Jean-Claude Vannier
  4. Ex-Friendly 'New Day Comin'
    by Ex-Friendly
  5. Goshinboku
    by Anthonius Feat. Sibusile Xaba
  6. Too Many Bags (Kaidi's Remix)
    by Nyamekye Junction, Kaidi Tatham
  7. Hidden Waters: Strange and Sublime Sounds of Rio de Janeiro
    by Various Artists
  8. Colour Green
    by Sibylle Baier
  9. Take Five
    by Moreira Chonguiça and Manu Dibango
  10. When You Stole The Sun From The Sky
    by Mamas Gun
  11. Marimba Disco
    by George Davis
  12. Muito Sol
    by Ricardo Dias Gomes
  13. Davorio
    by Samuele Strufaldi
    A quite extraordinary collaboration that is indefinable in many ways. There's a jazz mentality but the palette of influences are wide and forward thinking. Lazily I could say it was Afro-Futuristic but it is also intimate and ancient. Bravo everyone involved!
  14. Sound In Time
    by Blaž Švagan
  15. An Artist's Life Manifesto
    by Fin - Caliumi - Fochesato - Battaglia - Masetto - Mampreso
    A mixture of the stunningly beautiful and odder but brilliant avant garde responses to Marina Abramovic's 'life manifesto'. Aut Records is such an interesting jazz label. Fave track - Self-Control
  16. Live at Giardino Scotto
    by Mr Noe
  17. Blowing up gates
    by Alex Figueira
    Untamed, genre-blurring apocalyptic funk that sounds like a Roland 303 was dropped into a tropical jungle, sparking cultural mayhem!
  18. Millions of Us
    by BCUC
  19. Funk #1 / Funk #2
    by Sababa 5
  20. I'm Gonna Love You More
    by Vince Howard
    Filthy raw version of the Walrus classic