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  1. Bad Tourist
    by Madelyn Darling
  2. Minnie The Moocher
    by Pisk
    by Chino Amobi
  4. Tokyo Restricted Area
    by Yoshimi
  5. Blood Sisters
    by FEE LION
    My Man My Man
  6. Sever the Hands
    by Storm King
    Gomorrah PD: Vice Squad Gomorrah PD: Vice Squad
  7. 1992 (Single)
    by RIBS
  8. Too Long (Single)
    by RIBS
  9. Pleasure
    by BarbWalters
  10. Send Me A Vision
  11. self reflection
    by less.people
  12. Biorhexistasy
    by Matter
  13. Sweet Heavenly Angel Of Death
    by Magic Arrows
  14. Zyprex 500
    by Plaster
  15. CEMETERY MOONGLOW (in the cold air of the night)
    by Equip
    by 緊那羅:DESI LA
    Buzz-gunshot Buzz-gunshot
  17. Virtual Self - Ghost Voices (Xeuphoria Remix)
    by Virtual Self
  18. 08-09
    by Repeat Pattern
  19. Enter The Sushi
    by Hibachi Kid
  20. soil
    by serpentwithfeet
    cherubim cherubim
  21. Kareem Lotfy - Fr3sh
    by PAN
  22. Return Of The High Intellect Nymphomaniac Anime Legend 3000
    by Chesumasuta
    Sex Sex
  23. Aromanticism
    by Moses Sumney
    Lonely World Lonely World
  24. Yugen Blakrok - Return of the Astro-Goth
    by Yugen Blakrok
  25. CHAOS 2: A Golden Halo Underground
    by Dream Catalogue
    The Hardest The Hardest
  26. A Ruse of Power
    Things Fall Apart Things Fall Apart
  27. Une rose bleue
    by Alexandre Navarro
  28. Ultraviolet Butterflies
    by Magic Arrows
    Bird Within Him Bird Within Him
  29. Black Cloud, Lost Days
    by Somewhere off Jazz Street
  30. 江戸川乱歩 × Jan Svankmajer
    by Kisha / 奇舎
    人間椅子 × Human chair 人間椅子 × Human chair
    This is an excellent audio study of these two distinct artists. Due to the subtle and well placed repetition of sounds you can easily see Svankmajer's eye for the "definition of insanity" being played out before you. If you have any of Rampo's works, especially of the stories listed in the track names, make this album the ambient in the background and watch as the stories unfold in a twisted animation of thought and presentation.
  31. Kwaidan / 怪談
    by Meitei / 冥丁
    Touba / 塔婆 Touba / 塔婆
    This album for me demonstrates the aspect of horror that simulates a state of living. A type of lucidity in a fever dream induced by the conflict/matrimony of desire and despair. It's very much like the stage play scenes of Suzuki Seijun's "Kagero-za". Meitei's voice; the narrator. The listener is the purveyor to a parade of the invited horror presented. Helplessly entertained.
  32. Spiritus EP
    by SORNE
    In Dreams In Dreams
    If this is merely a precursor to a full album in the works: I am ready to swoon, to cry, to punish my self and in turn, forgive my self. This EP is absolutely striking.
  33. In The Kissing Room
    by Darius Greene
  34. Mouthed
    by Abyss X
  35. Gangsters Were Weeping
    by Abyss X
  36. Skin.
    by MIKEY.
  37. ununiform
    by Tricky
    Armor (feat. Terra Lopez) Armor (feat. Terra Lopez)
  38. 1619kHz (instrumental)
    by Chouchou
  39. I Don't (feat. $K)
    by XXYYXX
  40. Distant Love
    by YUNG BAE
  41. 2047
    by Hong Kong Express
  42. GRAŃ - YMMOM
    by S H X M E
  43. Rui Ho - Lush
    by S H X M E
  44. Communion
    by Rabit
  45. Requiem For Hell
    by MONO