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  1. Destination Ceres Station: Reefersleep
    by Trillion Ton Beryllium Ships
  2. Morning Haze
    by Swell O
  3. Fear and Loathing in The East - EP
    by VANDAAL
  4. Mantra Monolith
    by Seer of the Void
  5. Tower of the Severed Serpent
    by Dread Witch
  6. By Order of the Green Goddess
    by Carcaňo
  7. Phantom Centre
    by KOLLAPS\E
  8. Monarch
    by Raum Kingdom
  9. New Kingdom
    by Ygør Keim
  10. Meditations On The Kali Yuga
    by Shivalila
  11. The Cursed Vision
    by Starspawn of Cthulhu
  12. Beneath the Mountain
    by Sorceress
  13. Midnight Zen
    by Strider
  14. Ascent of Kings
    by Cromlech
  15. Tales Of Demonic Possession
    by Clouds Taste Satanic
  16. Weary Traveler
    by Faerie Ring
  17. CTRL + P
    by MuffDiver
  18. One Last Look Upon The Sky (full album)
    by Dust Prophet
  19. Solar Trip
    by Solar Trip
  20. Inward
    by Moozoonsii