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Sweet Jane

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  1. Hail the Void
    by Hail the Void
  2. Oneiromancer
    by Bismarck
  3. Electric Drone Wasp
    by Twin Void
  4. Tap Into The Evil
    by The Naked High
    by Scream Of The Butterfly
  6. Father of Death
    by LáGoon
  7. Endless Serpents (LP)
    by Hellhookah
  8. Covering Queen
    by Mos Generator / Void Vator
  9. Devil Worship
    by Lucifer's Children
  10. Shadows Cast At Dawn
    by Nicolas Perrault
  11. Oro
    by Udyat
  12. La Danse des Cadaveres
    by Bird
  13. Earthward Ascend
    by Gas Giant
  14. Collapse and Fail
    by Stonebirds
  15. The White Witch EP
    by Frayle
  16. Vitskär Süden
    by Vitskär Süden
  17. Sagan Om Rymden
    by Kingnomad
  18. Calling The Quarters
    by Lacertilia
  19. Addendum
    by Shogun
  20. 2020 Back to Earth
    by Kayleth