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  1. Virtuell Weltanschauung
    by Hermann Holsgr
  2. Nomadic
    by Crest Of The Syndicate
  3. deep web trap beats
    by eventual infinity
  4. Golden Tongue EP
    by Magana
  5. Lotus Eaters (bc047)
    by Devras Plexi and Justin Case
  6. New Moscow Underground
    by Neon Insect
  7. Walls
    by Icarus
  8. The Drive
    by The Boathaus
  10. The Silent World
    by DepthCruiser
  11. Ataraxic
    by ODAE
  12. Misadventures of a Mixed-up Monkey
    by Frisky Monkey
  13. Bloom (bc044)
    by Leit Motif
  14. Gentle Static Flow (bc045)
    by Dark Fidelity Hi Fi
  15. The Butterfly Effect (bc043)
    by Fragile X
  16. Under A Blood Moon The Killer Stalks
    by Blood Collar
    Superiority Complex Superiority Complex
    patient yet acute: gets his sonic palette to yield some fascinating vistas
  17. Glacial Tapes
    by BVSMV
  18. Darklight
    by Crest Of The Syndicate
  19. "Lanzhou" (NRR108)
    by Yan Jun
    B3. lanzhou, electronics B3. lanzhou, electronics
    like a ghost in the machine ...
  20. IF THEN
    by Jan Swinburne / TheSwinburneComplex
  21. Elongated 1
    by Trson
    Desolate Thinking (elongated) Desolate Thinking (elongated)
  22. Fortysomething (bc042)
    by Loui Cleghorn
  23. Mountain
    by Crest Of The Syndicate
    Mountain Mountain
    Massive production quality here with some very judicious percussion. A beautifully sulty ambience throughout, and especially in that title track.
  24. Subvert Yourself (bc041)
    by No Arrival
  25. "Blackout Suite" (NRR99)
    by Climax Denial
  26. Limehouse Causeway
    by Grim Heka
  27. Once Upon A Future (bc040)
    by Sceadu
  28. The Field EP
    by Crest Of The Syndicate
  29. Album 13 - Unlucky
    by Broken Machine Films presents...
  30. Mood Exhibit & Yikii - 🌞
    by Mood Exhibit
  31. You Matter! (bc037)
    by Justin Case
  32. Lying Cat (bc039)
    by Lying Cat
  33. Morgenlicht (bc036)
    by Arran Trax
  34. "Coronal Mass Ejection" (NRR91)
    by Obsidian Needles
  35. sinbeat(][);
    by Skoddie
  36. Adriatica
    by Pie Are Squared
    Le Saline Le Saline
    Just walk this walk, along this shore - you will not be disappointed!!
  37. frequent inspirational chore (bc034)
    by Devras Plexi
  38. Losckuty
    by Foresteppe
    Losckut #61 Losckut #61
    This is a fascinating insight into the creative process. Each cut is so fresh and unique!!
  39. Float
    by BVSMV
  40. turtle line, turtle walk
    by Mark Lyken
  41. Retcon (bc038)
    by Bricolage VA
  42. combined states
    by Joss Manley and Byte.clone
    ... gives a darkly enigmatic and murky heart to a most soulless genre of music, animating it like a ventriloquist's puppet possessed by its own gabbling spirit to wander through the baselines of popular culture ...
  43. Mæta
    by Foresteppe
  44. oceans of the world drop down to abysmal nothingness
    by Andrulian
  45. Suncastle
    by Suncastle