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  2. Metal
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  1. Charcuterie / Pharmacist
    by Acid Redux Productions
    No Respect for Anatomical Boundaries or Structures No Respect for Anatomical Boundaries or Structures
    Brutal, fast and... great grindcore!!!
  2. Executioner 2007 Demo (MELTDOWN)
    by Mantic Ritual
    One By One One By One
    Such a sheer power thrash metal band this is. Great tracks, raw and sometimes better than the "Mantic Ritual - Executioner" versions.
  3. Half Past Human
    by Cirith Ungol
    Cirith Ungol are so heavy with stunning vocals you can't miss. Year after year they keep surprising me with cool new stuff. Highly recommended
  4. Classic Rock Sampler 287
    by Mascot Label Group
  5. Dust and Death
    by Doubts About Waking
    Illumination Illumination
    Great Doom feel about this track, awesome sound.
  6. Demo MMXX
    by Century
    Neon Warrior Neon Warrior
    Great 80’s heavy metal sounding tracks. Highly recommended. 🤘🏼
  7. Relapse 30 Year Anniversary Sampler
    by Relapse Sampler
    GRUESOME - A Waste of Life GRUESOME - A Waste of Life
    Best time of the year: Sampler time, so many great bands. Gruesome still the BEST!
  8. n0n
    by The Amenta
    Vermin Vermin
    Different kinda noise! Me like.
  9. Melissa
    by Mercyful Fate
    Satan's Fall Satan's Fall
    Epic full length debut album. Satan's Fall is amazing. Mercyful Fate made where King Diamond is now, GREAT \m/
  10. The Skull
    by Trouble
    Gideon Gideon
    Great follow up, doom as hell!!!
  11. Psalm 9
    by Trouble
    Bastards Will Pay Bastards Will Pay
    The first and best Trouble album, everything sounds great on this one, highly recommended.
  12. Live Ecstasy Rotterdam 1991
    by Thanatos
    Bodily Dismemberment Bodily Dismemberment
    Best brutal metal band from Holland. Get this raw live album, a must have for all...
  13. Enhanced Torture Techniques
    by Abu Ghraib
    In Violent Glory In Violent Glory
    Brilliant stuff from “down under”. In Violent Glory is a must listen. Grind at it’s best. Brutal shit, a must listen.
  14. Masquerade of Madness
    by King Diamond
    King's back, it took way to long, but the wait is worth is! Hail KD!
  15. Backyard Butchery
    by Nailgun Massacre
    Albert the Geek Albert the Geek
    Brutal as hell! Chaos is great!
  16. Boned, Boxed and Buried
    by Nailgun Massacre
    Casket Full of Fun Casket Full of Fun
    Dutch death metal, a pity they split up.
  17. Relapse Sampler 2018
    by Relapse Sampler
    Gatecreeper - War Has Begun Gatecreeper - War Has Begun
    More great Relapse stuff, worth checking out.
  18. Hackberry
    by Hackberry
    Desert Orchid Desert Orchid
    Great Dutch stuff, check this out, you won't get disappointed.
  19. Behold the Fortunate
    by Orifist
    Hornless Hornless
    Brutal technical Death Metal. Highly recommended.
  20. Relapse Sampler 2017
    by Relapse Sampler
    YOB - Breathing From The Shallows YOB - Breathing From The Shallows
    Sampler time. YOB not to be missed.