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Evert Nip

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  2. Metal
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  1. Back to the Stoned Age
    by Stillbirth
  2. Hexagonal Cemeteries [Full-Album]
    by Psuchagōgoi
  3. I
    by Aphelion
  4. The Yawning Abyss
    by The Wolf Garden
  5. Foul Origins Of Humanity
  6. Age of Miseries EP
    by Level 80
  7. Iridium (Technical Death Metal)
    by CEREBRUM (Greece)
  8. Jurassic
    by Thecodontion
  9. X
    by Mellow Vocals
    Amazing, Brutal, Energetic and full of heavy music. Good Job!
  10. Chaos
    by We Are Obscurity
  11. Effigies
    by Zac Leaser
  12. The Invitation
    by Vetis
  13. Destroyer
    by Forever It Shall Be
  14. Dissentient
    by AngelMaker
  15. Mirror Reaper
    by Bell Witch
  16. Revenant
    by Orphans of Dusk
  17. Morbid Majesties (Death Metal)
    by SADISTIK FOREST (Finland)
  18. Christian Extinction
    by Perilous
  19. Faceless
    by Necrological
  20. Hiraeth
    by As Buffalo Run Free
  21. Hive
    by Hath
  22. Nycthemeron
    by Malconstruct
  23. Aethyr
    by Emeth
  24. Portals to Decimation
    by Disassembled
  25. Chaos of the Squanch
    by Squanchers
  26. Vergence
    by Ferum
  27. Worldwide Extermination
    by Cryogenic Defilement
  28. Chemical Obliteration
    by MDMA
  29. The Ichor Carcinoma
    by Buried Realm
  30. The Phobos/Deimos Suite
    by Serocs
  31. Ominous Forest [Demo Album]
    by Psuchagōgoi
  32. Becoming the Juggernaut
    by Becoming the Juggernaut
  33. World Laboratory
    by Balance of Terror
  34. A New Kind of Horror
    by Anaal Nathrakh
  35. Blackest Horizon
    by Valgrind
  36. Entity
    by Moonscape
  37. Nihilism
    by Teethgrinder
  38. Uncertain Process
    by PRION
    So heavy, brutal and filled with sick riffs
  39. Cosmic Progression: An Agonizing Journey Through Oddities Of Space
    by Deconstructing Sequence
  40. Kingdom of Ashes
    by Freedom of Fear
  41. Insulin Induced Coma
    by Pancrectomy
  42. The Blinding Light Of Faith (Death Metal)
  43. Anno Domini Satanas
    by Obsidian Shrine
  44. Vulture Down
    by Phantom Sea
    appears in 1 other collection
  45. Cast to Exile
    by Enblood