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  1. Lunar Petition
    by Nahadoth
  2. Forest of sempiternal dreams
    by Osmord
  3. Deep In The Frozen Forest
    by Osmord
  4. Pattern in the Shadows
    by Ring of Tamyrlin
    Phenomenal. Weathered by tape noise and warbles, but melodically and texturally well composed and gorgeous. As a fan of the Wheel of Time books, this took me right to Randland again.
  5. The Orchardist
    by Greenhollow
    Pure verdant enchantment. This album provides me the warmth needed to brace for the winter.
  6. Reclaiming the Spectral Dawn
    by Vaelastrasz
    Vaelastrasz always manages to find this wonderful balance between delicate minimalism and melodic complexity that fills me with inexplicable nostalgia. This one in particular had me longing for a time I am not certain existed or not—some truly tear jerking moments throughout this absolutely stellar recording.
  7. It Was All About You
    by BZTN
  8. Prince with a Thousand Enemies
    by Frith
  9. Mark of the Worm
    by L A N D S R A A D
    Utterly beautiful and immense journey of an album.. thank you Landsraad
  10. Moonrain
    by Losgann
    Another gloriously dreamy album from Losgann!
  11. Split
    by Bury Them And Keep Quiet / Lust Hag
  12. Tome of the Dragon's blood
    by Arcana Liturgia
    Another journey through lands of sorcery and draconic reign from the Lord of Time. A true fantasy epic enclosed in an album.
  13. Dolorous Gard
    by Malfet
  14. l'Herboriste Bleue
    by Le Gris
  15. Don Your Vegetables
    by Pottsfield
    Oh what a special little recording this is! So idyllic and dreamy and wonderful.
  16. Ghosted [GLK-083]
    by That Demon the Sun
  17. The Labyrinth [GLK-085]
    by Cenobite
  18. Ten Meditations
    by The Hermit Monks
    These ten meditations certainly serve as the perfect backdrop to wandering gardens and groves with deep contemplation. Yet another wonderful piece of music from Ellis.
  19. Tähdetön
    by Spirit of Sorrow
  20. Unohdus
    by Spirit of Sorrow