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  1. Nasdrowie - Flesh World
    by Detriti Records
  2. Cyan ID - Serpents With Spirit And Body
    by Detriti Records
  3. Northern Raids
    by Frost-Rimed Iron
  4. Heroic Death
    by Frost-Rimed Iron
  5. Blood Oath
    by Frost-Rimed Iron
  6. Chasing The Path Of The Hidden Master (Demo)
    by Lamp Of Murmuur
  7. Melancholy Howls In Ceremonial Penitence (Demo)
    by Lamp Of Murmuur
  8. Lost Oaths of Old
    by Longsword
  9. The Conjuration of Vampyric Shadows
    by Cefaris
  10. Where Dragons Fly Forever Free (LP)
    by DragonKeep
  11. Crane & Crescent Pt. 3 : Fate's Bottomless Well, E'er Churn her Waters
    by Mahr G'Didj
  12. Sharpened Buds Like Lances
    by Brutus Greenshield
  13. Hegelburg at Night
    by ASKII
  14. Coniferous Kingdoms 03.20.21
    by Coniferous Myst
  15. Ни царя, ни бога
    by Koldovstvo
  16. Return of the Ancients
    by Mirthquell
    With a deep worship of the old-school pioneers, Depressive Silence, Mournlord, Gothmog, etc. this album does not shy away from its influences. Mirthquell rather embraces these influences, bringing a fresh take on the old-school sound. This album bumped its way into one of my favorites this year very quickly.
  17. A History of Clandestine Sorcery
    by Vokaron
  18. The Forest Calm
    by Captain Shook
    Beautiful album. Like wandering a sunlit meadow.
  19. Sunken Dungeon II
    by Longsword
  20. The Absence
    by Silent EM