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Evan Dyck

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  1. 88
    by KASHIWA Daisuke
    Ohka Ohka
  2. Versace Summer
    by JANK
    Alligator Alligator
  3. Awkward Pop Songs
    by JANK
    Ouran Highschool Toast Club Ouran Highschool Toast Club
  4. For Cameron
    by Merchant Ships
    Things Left in the Last Year Things Left in the Last Year
  5. The Creature That I Call Myself
    by Julie Arsenault
    Island Girl Island Girl
  6. The Artwork On The Fridge Of Heaven
    by Marth And The Birds
    Winter Is Inevitable Winter Is Inevitable

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  1. Fuzzy Posters & Pain (demo)
    by The J. Arthur Keenes Band