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  1. Trad.
    by Petri Hakala
  2. Somebody That I Used to Know (feat. Tommy Emmanuel)
    by Mike Dawes
  3. Jump
    by Mike Dawes
  4. William Shatner's Pants
    by Mike Dawes
  5. The Wood Room
    by Mike Dawes
  6. One
    by Mike Dawes
  7. The Impossible 2.0
    by Mike Dawes
  8. Scarlet
    by Mike Dawes
  9. Overload
    by Mike Dawes
  10. Push
    by Mike Dawes
  11. Mexicana Single (plus Bonus Track)
    by Opal Ocean
  12. Reflections EP - Pay What You Want
    by Mike Dawes
  13. Prescription for Sleep: Undertale
  14. Disasters for Piano
    by David Peacock
  15. Prescription for Sleep: Lullabies of Mana
  16. The Twisting of the Rope
    by Aryeh Frankfurter, Lionharp Music Services with guest Lisa Lynne
  17. Harp Chronicles Volume 2: O'Carolan's Dream
    by Aryeh Frankfurter, Lionharp Music Services
  18. Harp Chronicles Volume 1: The Secret Bride • Lest the Harp Strings Unravel
    by Lionharp
  19. The Enchanted Way (Nyckelharpa Edition)
    by Aryeh Frankfurter with guest, Lisa Lynne
  20. Prescription for Sleep: Celeste
    by GENTLE LOVE, maiko