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  1. Rift
    by Eozdis
    I keep going BACKWARDS to this, it reminds me of another beloved musical project. Had I been a smarter man, I'd have waited for this to release on vinyl to put it on a shelf in plastic to venerate as an asset of speculation and objet fétiche.
  2. Six Feet Under (single version)
    by Das Funus
  3. Bože Odpověz (single version)
    by Das Funus
    Let us dedicate the next 2000 years to replacing the priest class with the artist class for guidance and entertainment, and let us bolster that with a commitment to tithe for art instead.
  4. Colonia Americana
    by Leonora Post Punk
  5. Taiga
    by [uprGOLD 07] Demain Est Mort (Military Pop) CD
    Viens avec moi...
  6. LA MAIN
    by [uprGOLD 12] La Mélodie Du Sombre (Synth Wave) CD
  7. Nous ne serons plus rien
    by La Main
  8. Méi Jùn Bìng [VOX 53]
    by Méi Jùn Bìng
    Outro Outro
  9. SPURT
    by amphitheatre
  10. Aleppo
    by Totengeläut
    Haram Haram
  11. Aleppo
    by Totengeläut
    Love Me Love Me
  12. S/T
    by Ssleeping Desiress
  13. Between Hope & Danger
    by Hante.
    Empty Space Empty Space
  14. Her Fall And Rise
    by Hante.
    The Storm The Storm
  15. Black Bug – Genom natten
    by Various Artists
  16. Various - Circuit d'Actes (2)
    by La Forme Lente Records
    Nekra Fylla Nekra Fylla
  17. What's Left
    by Casuistry
    What's Left What's Left
  18. Minimal Signals III
    by Various Artists
  19. Paranoia Musique Vol. 1
    by Various
    Et Tu Brute Et Tu Brute
    Very difficult to pick a favourite, this is a well-curated compilation of essential current artists.
  20. I Tpame I Tvrame + Future Attitude
    by I Tpame I Tvrame
    Nevermore Nevermore