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Michael Yeager

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  1. Midnight Sun of Summer
  2. Shadow of Life
    by Umbra Vitae
  3. Ebony Tusks - Heal_Thyself
    by Ebony Tusks
    You Runner (feat. Conny Franko) You Runner (feat. Conny Franko)
    This album is the blueprint/textbook of modern day hip hop. New artists should be studying this immediate defying classic. Much love Marty and co.
  4. Barrel Brothers
    by Skyzoo & Torae
    The Hand Off The Hand Off
    Personally signed the CD?!?!? Straight CLASS. ACT.
  5. Wrath Encompassed
    by Unmerciful
    Inexorable Decay Inexorable Decay
    Want to beat a man to death with your bare fucking hands? Well. Here’s your soundtrack to blunt force trauma.
  6. Sorry
    by Totally Unicorn
    I bought this album months ago, like last year and I have yet to receive my package. Still doesn’t take away from the music though. Still a bummer.
  7. Shadow of Life
    by Umbra Vitae
  8. Strange Worlds/Fierce Gods
    by Orphans Of Doom
  9. Deity
    by Del Judas
  10. Corpse Flower
    by Mike Patton, Jean-Claude Vannier
    Instant purchase. Mike Patton is a God to me. From FNM to Dead Cross, he’s been a huge inspiration.
    This is some of his best stuff yet. Heavy Desert/Americana Tom Waits feel to it. I’m loving every bit of this collaboration.
  11. Abattoir
    by Abjure
  12. Zao/Yashira Split
    by Yashira
  13. Strange Litanies
    by Love Under Will
  14. Arcadea
    by Arcadea
  15. Missing Tall Tales
    by The Heads are Zeros
  16. Solomon Childs Greatest Hits Volume 1
    by Solomon Childs aka Killa Bamz
  17. Scum Sect
    by Atrament
  18. Honey Insulation
    by Trashlight
  19. Stars Wept to the Sea
    by Unreqvited
  20. Gallery of Sorrow
    by A Portrait of Flesh and Blood