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  1. All For You
    by t e l e p a t h
  2. LATE NIGHT DELIGHT [Remastered]
    by Enylobe
  4. The Wind
    by The Wind
  5. エニトルペス
    by サンドペーパー手
    エニトルペス エニトルペス
  6. サイエンスフィクション /​/​/ ファンタジー
    by Enylobe
    嫉妬の神 嫉妬の神
  7. [CD022] Amoeba
    by M. Nomized & Marco Lucchi
  8. Nest Broom
    by Power Mystery
  9. Pterodactyl
    by Ali Helnwein
    Side A Side A
  10. blue レイン
    by ll nøthing ll
  11. Collected
    by PATHS パス
    Melancholic Moon Melancholic Moon
  12. Guitar Samples
    by DR00
    Oak Oak
  13. Avian Life
    by Various Artists
    Think Think
  14. Landmarks
    by Celer + Forest Management
  15. Parhelion
    by Hakobune
  16. Transference
    by Rose
  17. The Pyramid
    by DR00
    Hieroglyphics Hieroglyphics
  18. Æscapeism Vol. 1 - The Initiation
    by Æscape Sounds
  19. The Sky From Our Rooftop
    by Lucid Sound Driver
    Realling digging this release. Great for relaxation and tuning out stress. The cassette, itself, is an art piece with its celluloid film like j-card cover. Favorite track has to be the opener "Rain Against Your Skin".
  20. Vandereer
    by El Huervo
    Carried (Original Mix) Carried (Original Mix)
  21. VAST
    by metroGradient
  22. Phantom Colony
    by metroGradient
  23. Phantom Colony
    by metroGradient
  24. [CD021] 텔레비전 꿈
    by 텔레비전 꿈
  25. [CD018]
    by Infector http://
  26. [CD020] Дventure
    by 遠い夢UPLOAD & WTF.FM
  27. [CD010] SEA VIBES
    by bl00dwave
  28. Cosmic Creator
    by Electric Specter 電妖怪
  29. Ridin' America
    by Canada Effervescent
  30. New beginnings
    by The ears on the trees
  31. Quartzsite
    by Curved Light
  32. Terra Nova
    by Angel 1
  33. Horse Head Bookends
    by Gel-Sol
    The Magician's Sojourn The Magician's Sojourn
    Gel-Sol makes his debut vinyl release on Verses Records and it's a stunner. The first track sets up the weirdness with some very cool 3-D sounding effects and sounds that litterally sound like a soundcheck for the 2nd track "The Magician's Sojourn". This is my favorite track off the album and has an incredible demo video online that attracted me to this whole release. Having been a long time fan/ listener of Gel-Sol this album digs more into prog rock sounds that are most likely his inspiration for this release. There is some head trippy dialogue from a long lost unknown sci-fi B-movie that could be found on that 1980's Hollywood spoof "It Came from Hollywood". I keep waiting for the line "We have taken over your planet and there is nothing you can do about it". Album continues its way with more crazy sounds and fiddling around with knobs, tubes, wires, and switches. Very cool to expand the mind. "Smoky Charbonneau" starts off in a nice down-tempo style but quickly turns into an industrial noise funk fest and I'm lovin' it.

    Side two starts off with cool tribal rhythm beats that goes off into a lounge like weird easy listening music. I'd imagine this what listening to muzak on acid woud be like. "Star Ring Mi" has an awesome 70's new wage sound that points to the ways of Tangerine Dream and early Kraftwerk. Krautrock comes to mind. The album closes with the epic "Two Sisters". This record could have easily come out of the 70's or from the future. Take your pick. Keep in mind that the album comes with a download code that included an extra 45 minute ambient experimental track.

    Before I close out this review I'd like to talk about the awesome packaging and artwork. The abum comees with these huge album cover matted sized double sided pieces of artwork that can be swapped out on the front so you can choose your favorite art piece to be the cover for display purposes. So much care and work put into this release it sets the bar very high for other artist trying to make an impact on the music scene. The music speaks for itself and Gel-Sol will become a name you will hear more of in the future of experimental electronic music willing to take chances. peace
    by C-Schulz
  35. Leema Hactus
    by Lorenzo Montanà
  36. Lost 1194
    by woob
  37. April
    by Bochum Welt
  38. Conversions
    by Echolog
    Put It All Aside for a While Put It All Aside for a While
  39. Strange Lagoon Found At Nightfall
    by Fluorescent Heights
  40. The Elevated Quiet
    by Forest Management
  41. Fear is the World
    by Atariame
  42. Equinox
    by Pulse Emitter
  43. Qualities of Bodies Permanent
    by Sarah Davachi
  44. Only Forever
    by [PHYSICS]
  45. looping around the forest i thought i remembered
    by Hakobune