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  1. An Ascent (DiN63)
    by Scanner
    Stranice Stranice
    Incredible album! DiN never disappoints. It was hard to choose a favourite track, but the Sinister voice over on "Stranice" just tipped things in its' favour. I hope we get more Scanner on the label!
  2. THF Experience Show 20200613 (FREE DOWNLOAD)
    by Bernhard Wöstheinrich & Volker Lankow
  3. Modulations (DiNDDL24)
    by Ian Boddy
    Data Cult Data Cult
    Astounding album, outstanding track "Data Cult".
  4. The Curio Maker's Coffin
    by Arcane
  5. RuidoVírico Online Music Fest.
    by Bruno Sanfilippo
  6. Leftovers
    by Subsonic Experience
    It has been a long time since I heard from Subsonic Experience, and they have not lost their touch in their absence. The artwork by Thorsten Niestrath is as sublime as the music. I would have a print of this on my wall, as well as the music on my HiFi.
  7. Live at Jodrell Bank
    by Free System Projekt
    One of FSP's finest concerts, it is fantastic to have as an official release, after years of listening to a b**tleg, and in FLAC. Essential listening for anyone who loves EM/Berlin School.
  8. Reality Engine (DiN62)
    by Dave Bessell
    There is always a wonderful air of menace in Dave Bessell's music, and this certainly does evoke images of his inspirations. Perfect to read "Weird Fiction" to.
  9. 31 Days (DiN61)
    by Nigel Mullaney
    It's great to finally have Nigel Mullaney strike out on his own, after so many collaborations. This brilliant album shows his talents, and reveals just what he can do, let loose with his modulars! Here's hoping it's the first solo album of many.
  10. SpaceTones
    by Chuck van Zyl on Groove
    CVZ is one of the few American artists to really get Berlin School right, and this set shows just how well he does it. A three act masterpiece of EM.
  11. Schemes & Ruses (DiNDDL23)
    by Ian Boddy & Nigel Mullaney
    You know when these guys work together that the music will be scintillating, and they are on tremendous form here. Truly brilliant EM.
  12. Altair Redux
    by Ian Boddy
    A great track from a great album, and The Missing Link is too good not to have been released!
  13. iNDEX06 (DiN60)
    by Various
  14. Altair (DiN59)
    by Ian Boddy
    Ian Boddy does it again! Just the best EM I've heard this year.
  15. Pianette
    by Bruno Sanfilippo
    What a beautiful, lyrical, calming way to start a new year! Thank you, Bruno!
  16. Pianette
    by Bruno Sanfilippo
  17. InTRO remastered & expanded
    by Bruno Sanfilippo
    InTRO was my "InTRO" to Bruno Sanfilippo, and this new, expanded version just makes an already great album even better.
  18. Dystopia (DiN56)
    by Parallel Worlds & Dave Bessell
    Another brilliant collaboration from two masters of EM
  19. Relays
    by S U R V I V E
  20. Submission 02 (DiNDDL20)
    by Various