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  1. SOMA (Original Video Game Soundtrack)
    by Mikko Tarmia
    SOMA Main Theme SOMA Main Theme
  2. Slime Rancher: Original Soundtrack
    by Monomi Park
  3. Amnesia: The Dark Descent OST
    by Mikko Tarmia
  4. Canon
  5. Equestrian Revolution 2.0
    by Aviators
  6. Piece of the Indestructible EP
    by The Glitch Mob
  7. From All Sides (Deluxe Version)
    by Aviators
  8. Shantae Remixes
    by SayMaxWell
  9. TARDIS - EP
    by Aviators
  10. Regeneration [Remaster Ed.]
    by SayMaxWell
  11. Absorbing Darkness
    by SayMaxWell
  12. Pretence (Gravity Falls Original song)
    by SayMaxWell
  13. Glimmer Time
    by Silva Hound
  14. ESCISM (ESC Original Soundtrack)
    by Lena Raine
  15. Voyager
    by Ariah
  16. Spikezilla
    by General Mumble
  17. Hemikrania
    by General Mumble
  18. Mumble Bundle 2k14
    by Mumble Etc.
  19. Songs About The Pink One (and others)
    by General Mumble
  20. V
    by Mumble Etc. & Barrfparty