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Euan Murphy

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  1. Brakeless
    by The Wonder Years
    The feeling I got from listening to this track for the first time reminded me of when I first listened to Me vs The Highway. I absolutely adore this energy coming from TWY and I can't wait to hear Out On My Feet.
  2. armywives
  3. We Made Plans to Self-Destruct and Return To The Stars
    by Mallcops
    Freezer Freezer
    One of my favourite albums of 2020! Each track is a jam with its own unique sound. So many awesome hooks!
  4. Brave Faces Everyone
    by Spanish Love Songs
  5. White Rooms, Glass Bells
    by B.Michaael
  6. Holy Shit
    by Davey Dynamite
  7. Sannyasa Songs (of Love)
    by The Sarcastic Dharma Society
    The Giving Tree The Giving Tree
    One of my favourite hidden gems! So sad and beautiful. I wish it was on Spotify! <3
  8. Live in his Own Car During a Pandemic
    by David O'Doherty
  9. Natural wonder
    by Absolutely Yours
  10. The Front Bottoms Ukulele Versions
    by The Front Bottoms
    camouflage (Ukulele Version) camouflage (Ukulele Version)
    I love the intimacy of these versions, and the money is going towards a good cause. <3
  11. here, online
    by Worst Party Ever
    This is Worst Party Ever's best release so far! The new songs are incredible and the re-recorded songs sound fresh. <3
  12. World's Best Magician
    by Shannen Moser
    Shannen Moser's music never fails to make my heart swell. <3
  13. Dessert Before Dinner
    by Good Sleepy
  14. Nailing Shards of Hope Together: A Tribute to The Wonder Years
    by A Few Good Records
  15. pain mop girl 2020
    by default genders
  16. 10 Years Of Fake History
    by letlive.
  17. Elsewhere 2
    by Pinegrove
  18. This City Isn't Big Enough
    by Apes of the State
  19. Liminal Space
    by Vagabonds