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  1. Violence Is Where The Heart Is
    by Marigold
  2. Vers Des Cieux Plus Sereins
    by Morteminence
  3. diferentes bandeiras o mesmo inimigo
    by Blog NoiseRed
    PESSIMISTA- Caronte a espera de minha alma (Brasil) PESSIMISTA- Caronte a espera de minha alma (Brasil)
    A great compilation that reunites politically red bands from different genres. A lovely idea that fits the musical evolution of antifascit movements. It's a pleasure to see such a huge spectrum of bands united like see and an honor to be a part of it.
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  4. Awenden
    by Awenden
  5. A Blaze In The Western Sky
    by Marxthrone
  6. Kentucky
    by Panopticon
    by Pessimista
  8. Terra de ninguém
    by Tiffo
  9. Uni-vos
    by Tiffo
  10. Das Ungebrochene Schweigen
    by Kluizenaer
  11. Природа
    by Hajduk
  12. Кръв
    by Hajduk
  13. Свобода
    by Hajduk
  14. Howl of Dynamite
    by Storm of Sedition
    When talking about RABM a lot of people argue that the movement lacks bands with some true sonic power. Well, that's all you'll get with SoS ! Amazing album, highly enjoyable and addictive.
  15. Hymns for The Personification of Entropy: Death Tape
    by Periodeater
  16. Anti-Fascist Black Metal
    by Operation Volkstod
  17. Violência da miséria
    by Lerna
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  18. Funeral Pyre
    by Ancient Emblem
  19. Split with Noctilium
    by Pessimista
    Caronte à espera de minha alma Caronte à espera de minha alma
    Pessimista's sense of melody is really inspiring. I hope to hear some more of them pretty soon. The main lead on "Caronte..." is stuck in my head and I'm not regretting it !
  20. Total Liberation of the Human Race
    by Sankara
    This first offering was a revelation in the scene as Sankara represent what a lot of people were waiting for : an Antifascist band with tremendous sonic power. From its low fi production to its amazing vocals Sankara established itself as a force to reckon with !
  21. Sankara/Serial Pisser
    by Sankara
  22. I...III...V
    by Morteminence
  23. ..II...IV..
    by Morteminence
  24. Morteminence
    by Morteminence
  25. Stále kupředu!
    by Kronstadt
    Chaotic & Hypnotic, I discovered Kronstadt thanks to the italian antifascist collective Semirutarum Urbium Cadavera. I loved this track and look forward for more of their Raw Blackened Hardcore !
  26. Inferna
    by Inferna
  27. Unlovable.
    by Delaying the Inevitable
    Unlovable. Unlovable.
    I actually already bought "Unlovable". But I have listened to this EP so much that I wanted to buy it once more with my new account. This EP is a RABM gem and one of he best releases of the genre this year.
    by Bury Them And Keep Quiet
    I fell in love with this band for two reasons : the bulldozer production and the spanish lyrics of "Us & Them". What an incredible track ! Extinction is a killer record and their lyrics are very inspiring. You need this in your collection.
  29. Altars of the Subaltern
    by Outer Darkness
  30. stand as one (demo 2019)
    by Hvidsten
    This 17 minute demo track really moved me because of its meditative pace. We need more old-school Black Metal bands to claim themselves as RABM and Hvidsten are exactly what I was looking for. The simplicity of the production and the guitar sound are perfect. Can't wait to see what these guys will present us next.
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  31. Promo '19
    by Fog Kingdom
    Settling Dust of the Fallen Empire Settling Dust of the Fallen Empire
    If you like Dungeon Synth and DIY old-school Black Metal Fog Kingdom is a band that you should keep an eye on. "Settling Dust of the Fallen Empire" sets the path of a promising future.
  32. La Forteresse du Dragon
    by Royaume des Brumes
  33. Demo
    by Forgotten Passage
  34. The Black Metal Scene Needs to Be Destroyed
    by Gaylord
  35. Barbarism Supreme: The Prevailing Age of Unrelenting Annihilation of Abhorrent Nationalism
    by Gaylord