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  1. Abrete Corazón
    by Andy Copeman : Medicine Man Music
    Thankyou for the music Andy!
    To connect with the medicine in this music is truly a gift for which I have so much gratitude!
    Words cannot express how much I appreciate these gifts!❤❤❤❤❤❤
  2. Circle Songs
    by Andy Copeman
  3. Dreamtime
    by Andy Copeman
  4. The Heart is the Door
    by Andy Copeman: MedicineManMusic
  5. Live Love Evolve
    by Andy Copeman
  6. The Eternal Dance
    by Andy Copeman
  7. Reflecting Starlight
    by Andy Copeman
  8. Gathering the Flowers
    by Andy Copeman: MedicineManMusic
  9. Drumming Between Worlds ... music for Shamanic Journeying
    by Andy Copeman
  10. Opening the Chakras - Sound Meditation Journey
    by Andy Copeman and Laurel Hefferon
  11. Velvet Owl
    by Amon Tobin
  12. Jungle Dreaming
    by NADA
  13. 2014
    by Maximus MMC
  14. African - Aboriginal Sessions - Jonathan Reichert
    by Jonathan Reichert
  15. Santa Muerte-Diluvio
    by Santa Muerte
  16. Odyssey
    by NADA
  17. Vibrapuls
    by Dubravko Lapaine
  18. Rhythm of the Dance
    by Solace
  19. Rhythms of the Sphere
    by Lauren Checchio
  20. La Alianza Profana
    by Dengue Dengue Dengue