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  1. Rock
  1. collection 19
  2. following 8
    by Bill Mallonee
  2. Christmas EP
    by Somniscape
  3. Presence Vol_ 4
    by andy hunter°
  4. Lead On, Kindly Light & This World & One More (the new 23-song double CD!)
    by Bill Mallonee
  5. SONRISE - Live at Providence
    by Matthew Stephen
  6. WHERE THE LOVE LIGHT GLEAMS (a Christmas~themed album 2015)
    by Bill Mallonee
  7. Deadlocked - Complete Collection (43 SONGS!!!)
    by F-777
  8. Viper EP
    by F-777
    by F-777
  10. Renditions
    by Wind In Sails
  11. NEW YORK STATE OF MIND (4 new studio gems plus a 14 song "Live" set!)
    by Bill Mallonee & Muriah Rose
  12. Harmony (feat. Beth Bullock)
    by andy hunter°
  13. Winnowing (2014/Digital)
    by Bill Mallonee & The Darkling Planes
    by Bill Mallonee & The High Desert Freaks
  15. Resplendent "Audibly Live" (a FREE Download Album)
    by Vigilantes of Love
  16. Vigilantes of Love/'Cross the Big Pond (UK)
    by Vigilantes of Love
  17. Glowing Collision
    by andy hunter°
  18. Hearts Crossing the Center Line/WPA 21 (Songs inspired by the writings of Jack Kerouac)
    by Bill Mallonee/WPA
  19. In Scarlet & Vile (Special Edition)
    by The Echoing Green