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  1. Impregnated Through Pathogenic Agony
    by Fermented Mastrubation Decomposition of Entrails Morphogenetic Malformation Needel Contaminated Pork
  2. Sleepers In The Rift
    by Morbus Chron
  3. Dethroned and Renounced
    by Shapeless Being
    Gurgling Gore takes all my money. Sick release
  4. SAT184: Garhelenth - About Pessimistic Elements & Rebirth Of Tragedy (2017)
    by Satanath Records
  5. Damned To...
    by Macabre Demise
    by Warbell
  7. SAT185: Inhibitions - La Danse Macabre (2018)
    by Satanath Records
  8. Skulls//Karst Live Promo MMXXI
    by Skulls/Karst
  9. Malignant Reality (Dissonant Death Metal)
  10. SAT186: Neter - Inferus (2018)
    by Satanath Records
  11. Grotesque Remains
    by Infested
    Infestation of Impurity Infestation of Impurity
    Encoffinized is dead.
    Meet its spacey, unwashed brother.
  12. SAT202: Automb - Esoterica (2018)
    by Satanath Records
  13. Kopár hant... az alvilág felé
    by Rothadás
  14. SAT204: Nordland - The Dead Stones (2018)
    by Satanath Records
  15. Invicta
    by Serpent Column
  16. Kathodos
    by Serpent Column
  17. Considered Dead
    by Gorguts
    Ooh this is available on casse... And I bought it.
  18. Flesh Over Finite
    by Chiliasm
  19. Buried Death
    by Coffins
  20. Diseased Remnants of a Dying World
    by Dødsferd