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  1. Slowdive
    by Slowdive
  2. In The Morning
    by Oxlip
    Kingdom Come Kingdom Come
    Melancholic in a peaceful, comforting way.
  3. Gloria In Excelsis Stereo
    by Gloria
    A throwback in all the right ways and none of the wrong ones.
  4. moogmemory
    by Matthew Bourne
  5. But, All The Shining Things Are
    by Dabda / 다브다
  6. Appendix C
    by Holy Hum
  7. Swiimers
    by Swiimers
  8. Beat the Champ
    by The Mountain Goats
  9. 2145
    by Sabled Sun
  10. Stasis Sounds For Long-Distance Space Travel
    by 36 & zakè
  11. Transistor: Original Soundtrack (Extended)
    by Darren Korb
  12. Transistor: Original Soundtrack
    by Darren Korb
  13. Gaijin LP
    by Elijah Nang
  14. Acoustics EP
    by yvette young
  15. Acoustics EP 2
    by yvette young
  16. piano EP
    by yvette young
  17. Between Shadows in Water
    by Slowspin
  18. Unfurls
    by Slowspin
  19. Painted Shut
    by Hop Along
  20. Bark Your Head Off, Dog
    by Hop Along