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  1. Perihelion
    by sungazer
  2. Put On Earth For You
    by MonoNeon
  3. Goat-08 and 09 - SARGEIST "Satanic Black Devotion" and "Disciple of the Heinous Path"
    by Sargeist
  4. Panacea for a Cursed Race
    by Haissem
  5. Freedom Of Choice
    by Algorithmics
  6. Spirit of the Wind
    by Alchon
  7. Live in BRK
    by TMB
  8. My Dying World... and Life!
    by My Dying World Mako
  9. Speak For The Dead
    by Demonification
  10. Tribute to Memories
    by My Dying World Mako
  11. Reincarnation
    by Setoml
  12. Instrumental
    by Cherno
  13. Hordes of Darkness - Demo Series compilation vol. 2
    by Kryrart Records
  14. Don`t Stop Your Mind
    by Sameli
  15. هل تحتاج إلى
    by Mulla
  16. Chronos
    by The Prophet
  17. Hours of Peacefulness (demo)
    by Dance of Shadows / Kaminnuu Xpect
  18. Where does the Fire Begin
    by Cherno
  19. Songs Of November Winds (Live)
    by Train to Elsewhere
  20. Chapter Two: High Vaults
    by Alchon