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  1. Get It While It's Hot
    by The Medium
  2. Trust In Rust (Deluxe Version)
    by Van Canto
  3. Corpse Flower
    by Mike Patton, Jean-Claude Vannier
  4. Rare Field Ceiling
    by Yellow Eyes
  5. Portent
    by False
  6. Cairn
    by מזמור
  7. SAT202: Automb - Esoterica (2018)
    by Satanath Records
  8. A Better Place
    by Culak
    by Archivist
  10. Terra Inanis (Atmospheric Black Metal)
    by SOMNIUM NOX (Australia)
  11. Omnibus
    by Synodic
  12. Coma Wall (E.P.)
    by Mesarthim
  13. The Inveterate Fire
    by Firelink
  14. I am forever dream
    by Triste L'Hiver
  15. Hello
    by Triste L'Hiver
  16. Holy Mountain
    by Makeup and Vanity Set
  17. Mélancolie urbaine
    by netra
  18. Synthesis
    by Planetary Peace
  19. Ghost Condensate
    by Mesarthim
  20. Circle of Veins
    by Sadness
    Poil de Lune Poil de Lune
    Coming from the land of Mr. Bungle, I appreciate bands that don't look at music in the boring top 40 way. Grand Guignol Orchestra is menacing but fun in all the right ways.
  22. The Xun Protectorate
    by Khonsu
  23. Be the Cowboy
    by Mitski
  24. Decoding Transmissions From The Möbius Strip
    by Zao
  25. Ataraxia
    by Vials of Wrath
    by New Atlantis
  27. Ember
    by Trautonist
  28. Distance
    by Trautonist
  29. Trautonist
    by Trautonist
  30. Satieworks
    by beaunoise
  31. Good Morning, Midnight
    by Gerald Fjord
  32. Litanies From The Woods
    by Witchwood
  33. Back to Reality
    by Abstract Void
  34. Pyramids
    by Pyramids
  35. Eye Of Ivy, Thorn And Moss
    by Arrowwood
  36. Animist Pools
    by Hippies Wearing Muzzles
  37. Divine Darkness
  38. Infinite Games
    by The Black Queen
  39. Night Maze
    by Glass Apple Bonzai
  40. VI
    by Arkhtinn
  41. Before The Night
    by HOME
  42. Dissolvi
    by Steve Hauschildt
  43. EP.7
    by Beastmaker
  44. Strange Modes - A Wiard Compilation
    by Laser Palace
  45. Water Memory
    by Emily A. Sprague