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  1. Among the Fires of Hell-(Full album)
    by Sakis Tolis
    I name you Under our Cult I name you Under our Cult
    Sakis Tollis’ music matures as he grows older. Power, melody, feeling, now meet emotion in a mixture of (not-just-black) metal genre.

    Many people see nostalgia, a retrospective culmination of Rotting Christ’s past but I beg to differ; I think we are witnessing a future version of himself, the music that is to come… as a Salvation? Not sure but it will be with Passion(!) to take us to the stars (Ad Astra).

    As for a favorite track? hahahaha… I just picked one randomly… All are masterpieces...
  2. Norchestrion: a song for the end
    by Need
    Ananke Ananke
    An impressive work of progressive metal, seems initially to be taken out of the best moments of the genre’s behemoths (Fates Warning, Dream Theater). However, with enough distinction and personality, featuring Greek folk elements here and there, the musicianship mastery of the band members make tracks like Nemmortal, Norchestrion and Circadian, bright jewels for the genre and for metal in general. A must have album!!!
  3. Storm The Walls
    by Stray Gods
  4. Traveler - A Journey Symphony
    by Austin Wintory & London Symphony Orchestra
    Nascence Nascence
    As if the original was not sky-high, this one goes even further. Superb compositions, beautiful emotions, excellent performance. This recording makes the original soundrack... classic ;)
  5. The Blurred Horizon
    by Tuesday The Sky
  6. Empires of Ash
    by Sojourner
  7. The Shadowed Road
    by Sojourner
  8. Enter Oblivion
    by Glasgow Coma Scale
  9. Sirens
    by Glasgow Coma Scale
  10. Perennial Fire
    by Primal Cult
    Vernal Ascendance Vernal Ascendance
  11. In Timeless Paths
    by Primal Cult
  12. Decadence and Decay
    by Silver Talon
    Deceiver, I Am Deceiver, I Am
  13. Shadowbane
    by Runeshard
    Shadowbane Shadowbane
    Majestic, bombastic, supreme barbaric epic metal. Runeshard gloriously fill the void Bal-Sagoth left behind. These symphonic, magic-illuminated tracks are the best example of a bright future in the making.
    The clarion is heard to awaken the Silver-clad Legions at the Altar of the Dreaming Spire for the Coronation of the new Barbarian Kings...
  14. Nattarvet
    by Wormwood
    The Isolationist The Isolationist
  15. Arkivet
    by Wormwood
    My Northern Heart My Northern Heart
  16. Faith in Physics
    by Planet Of Zeus
  17. Macho Libre
    by Planet Of Zeus
  18. Eleven the Hard Way
    by Planet Of Zeus
  19. Loyal to the Pack
    by Planet Of Zeus
  20. Vigilante
    by Planet of Zeus