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  1. Level 11
    by Miracle Of Sound
  2. Level 10
    by Miracle Of Sound
    Show Your Style Show Your Style
  3. Level 9
    by Miracle Of Sound
    My Odyssey My Odyssey
  4. Warframe Soundtrack
    by Digital Extremes
  5. Level 8
    by Miracle Of Sound
    The Moment (feat. Karliene) The Moment (feat. Karliene)
    This year MoS decided to follow his heart more than trying to please every soul in his ever growing crowd of fans. And it shows. Every song has great lyrics and a melody to befitting the song and its inspiration. And yet you can stil thoroughly enjoy each song if you have no connection to the game or movies. The lyrics are strong even on their own. That says a lot about this album and why it's so awesome!
    by izioq
  7. Level 7
    by Miracle Of Sound
    Get The Gang Back Get The Gang Back
  8. Ren: Official Soundtrack (Series 1)
    by Rob Westwood
  9. The Natural Heart
    by Miracle Of Sound
  10. Ori and the Blind Forest (Additional Soundtrack)
    by Gareth Coker
  11. Level 6
    by Miracle Of Sound
    London Town London Town
  12. My Own Private Video Game
    by izioq
  13. I Am The Night
    by Miracle Of Sound
  14. We Are The Past
    by Erang
  15. Metal Up
    by Miracle Of Sound
    Spin The Venn Wheels Spin The Venn Wheels
    MoS is a versatile artist able to combine clever lyrics with the right type of music to create the right atmosphere. I wasn't sure whether an album completely dedicated to 1 genre would show off his talent as much. But he delivers & how! The entire album is definetely metal, but every song is different. Both music & lyrics show a range from more hardcore to celtic to melodic & even some pirate metal. I'm not a "hardcore" metal fan, but even I have most of this album on repeat!
  16. Level 5
    by Miracle Of Sound
    Messing With The Best Messing With The Best
    Whether you know the games or not, this album has something for everyone! One song will have you swinging, you'll headbang to the next one & wipe away a tear listening to another song. I love the combination of a mix of music styles and clever lyrics. It's very hard to pick a favorite song because of the variety. Probably the best MoS album yet!
  17. Pick A Universe (Full Album)
    by TryHardNinja
    An album full of happy catchy songs, that will make you smile & nod along to the beat. The songs are mostly inspired by Minecraft, but some other games & original songs make an appearance too. You want to cheer up? Listen to this album!
  18. Journey: Transfiguration
    by Austin Wintory
  19. Wake The White Wolf (Metal Version)
    by Miracle Of Sound
  20. When Winter Comes
    by Miracle Of Sound