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  1. The Graveyard Compilation
    by S Y Z Y G Y X
    Runaways Runaways
    esta compilación es perfecta todas las pistas son muy buenas altamente recomendado ''' i recommend you listen very loudly and feel the bass beat is amaizing ""
  2. The Veils Of Ending
    by Sonsombre
    The Future Is Black The Future Is Black
    exelente álbum un sonido sobresaliente característico de las mejores bandas de los 80s y 90s demostrando que el rock gotico sigue más vivo que nunca en el 2019 Masterpiece.
  3. Servant Of The Grail
    by Angels Of Liberty
    The Golden Years The Golden Years
    i'll just Say """masterpiece"""
  4. Jesucrisis EP
    by Jesucrisis
    Empireo Cismatico Empireo Cismatico
    exelente musica una banda altamente recomendada
  5. Masked
    by The Wake
    Sideshow Sideshow
    goth goth and more goth forever my sould loved this record
  6. Glory of Romance [VOX 21 CD]
    by Nouvelle Phénomène
    Cruel Game Cruel Game
    ..voices.. synths love i really i love these ladies are beautiful this record is on the top best records i've ever heard in my life
  7. Mystery Hotel
    by Psyche
    You're The Only One You're The Only One
    darrin huss is a great singer all the songs are amazing the mix of sounds and rhythms make it one of the best psyche records
  8. Grabaciones
    by Climas Interiores
  9. El Olvido
    by Climas Interiores
    Rata Rata
    exelente album muy buen sonido y calidad de grabacion.