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  1. The Feathers of Oblivion II: Summer
    by Olaf Olafsonn and the Big Bad Trip
    I. The Sun: Dawn at the Graveyard of the Ancestors I. The Sun: Dawn at the Graveyard of the Ancestors
  2. Is Satan Real?
    by Church of the Cosmic Skull
    Is Satan Real? Is Satan Real?
    It sends out some unique mezmerizing lullaby tunes with hidden notes of the darkness behind the happy ones. Satan is real!
  3. You're All Gone
    by orsak:oslo
    045 You're all gone 045 You're all gone
  4. In The Caves
    by Cosmic Letdown
    In the Caves 1 In the Caves 1
  5. Dronecaine
    by Opium Eyes Of Nico
    Drone in C -1 (Nico Says) Drone in C -1 (Nico Says)
  6. Scarab
    by Queen Elephantine
    Veil Veil
  7. RITUALS #3
    by Snakes Don't Belong In Alaska
    Mirror (External) Pt. II Mirror (External) Pt. II
  8. Nico & Her Psychedelic Subconscious
    Nico Nico
  9. Tales of a Sightless City
    by Mad God
    Limerence Limerence
  10. Higher Time
    by Electric Citizen
    Evil Evil
  11. Father Sky Mother Earth
    by Father Sky Mother Earth
    Father Sky Father Sky
  12. Desert Ghosts
    by Moonwood
    Trans Mojave Express Trans Mojave Express
  13. Allie's Mass
    by Allie's Mass
    Slept Slept
    I found out about the band in the weird way of stumbling upon them on Instagram. I'm usually not the type of music fanatic who starts to rate music into favourite albums or songs, but I really feel like this might be one of the best finds in 2017 for me so far.

    Whatever. Listen and drift away!
    PS: I get a vibe similar to the one I get from listening to Salem's Pot in 'Slept' (BIG compliment).
  14. Run the Night
    by Salem's Pot
    Run the Night (Wicked Lady) Run the Night (Wicked Lady)
  15. Parasite
    by The Coathangers
    Captain's Dead Captain's Dead
  16. Nosebleed Weekend
    by The Coathangers
    Perfume Perfume
  17. Forever Driftin'
    by Foul Tip
    Driftin' Driftin'
    The energy of this record is truly infectious. You just wanna start to run down a street and smash things or aim for something to hit while racing around in your car at lightspeed with this record playing in the background. It offers vibes from so many different genres of music and I never get bored of any of the songs. All I'm trying to say is if you're having a bad day crank this up loud and you'll be fine, I promise.
  18. Atlas 7"
    by Wight
    Atlas Atlas
    I just discovered this while checking bands for the upcoming summer festivals this year and I'm really glad to have found this. Can't wait to see them perform live!
  19. Ljudkamrater
    by The Myrrors / Centralstödet
    I E I E
  20. Dopesmoker
    by Sleep
    Dopesmoker Pt. 1 Dopesmoker Pt. 1
  21. Ether
    by Demian Castellanos
    Ether Ether
  22. Scattered Ashes
    by Anubis
    Phantom Channel/Parallel Paths/Hymn Phantom Channel/Parallel Paths/Hymn
  23. Veils
    by The Oscillation
    Sandstorm Sandstorm
  24. Silver Moon
    by Astral Son
    Waking Dream Waking Dream
  25. Passé Paranoia
    by Lord Loud
    Star Bright Eye Star Bright Eye
    I could listen to this record over and over for weeks without getting bored by it. I already kinda did that since I bought it on BC, but still. This is without any doubt one of the best finds 2017 for me and I can't get enough of it. Much love!

    PS: Pardon my French here, but HOLY SHIT I WANT TO HAVE THAT PRETTY VINYL. Please, please, please find a way to make this vinyl accessible for Europe's music lovers since the shipping is unbelievably expensive.
  26. Once There Was A Time When Time And Space Were One
    by My Brother The Wind
    Garden Of Delights Garden Of Delights
    This album really takes you to many different places.
  27. Ancient of Days
    by Spelljammer
    Meadow Meadow
    by Electric Moon
    The Loop The Loop
  29. Dust
    by Mt. Mountain
    Dust Dust
  30. Dunbarrow
    by Dunbarrow
    You Knew I Was a Snake You Knew I Was a Snake
  31. Brown Acid - The Fourth Trip
    by RidingEasy Records
    Zekes - Comin Back Zekes - Comin Back
  32. Brown Acid - "The Third Trip"
    by RidingEasy Records
    Grand Theft "Scream" (It's Eating Me Alive) Grand Theft "Scream" (It's Eating Me Alive)
  33. Brown Acid "The Second Trip"
    by Brown Acid - "The Second Trip"
    Crossfield - TAKE IT! Crossfield - TAKE IT!
  34. Brown Acid - The First Trip
    by Brown Acid - The First Trip
    Raw Meat "Stand-By Girl" Raw Meat "Stand-By Girl"
  35. Lord of Suffering/Die in Haze
    by Monolord
    Die In Haze Die In Haze
  36. Vænir
    by Monolord
    We Will Burn We Will Burn
  37. Empress Rising
    by Monolord
    Empress Rising Empress Rising
  38. The Feathers of Oblivion I: Spring
    by Olaf Olafsonn and the Big Bad Trip
    The Feathers: The Birds Return The Feathers: The Birds Return
    Please masters of the dark, spare my soul for not having written a proper review yet! I've been too unproductive on Bandcamp for too long, but that changes now.

    Each OOBBT release feels like a step forward compared to older recordings to me. It's always a new experience and this might be my favourite one so far. The music just flows so smoothly and knows how to mesmerize the listener. So excited to listen to the upcoming summer sequel of this! Much love to all of you from your German fanboy <3
  39. Second Sight
    by EYE
    Lost are the Years Lost are the Years
    by Love Machine
    Circles Circles
  41. A Present to the Galaxy
    by Love Machine
    A Present to the Galaxy A Present to the Galaxy
    I never really listened to Love Machine until now. I knew some songs, but I never got to listen to their albums as a whole. Now that I did I regret not having listened to their music earlier. I really got lost more from tune to tune - didn't have that in a long time!
    I had to get the vinyl instantly... obviously.
  42. New Landscapes
    by Daycones
    Man Man
    Being a Tumblr follower of Daycones for years and not having listend to any of his material for a long time I'm really happy to have found this yesterday. I bought the album instantly and remember how his older recordings from two years ago gave me similar feelings. To me Daycones has all this bits and pieces of Barrett inside his music.

    This album is great to turn on while lying in bed and staring at the ceiling. Like it makes you feel that you're not wasting your time as you waste your time.
  43. Desecration of the Idols
    by Olaf Olafsonn and the Big Bad Trip
    I. I.
    Olaf Olafsonn and the Big Bad Trip seem to get better from release to release. That doesn't mean that they've ever disappointed me with their music. It just shows me that there's a perceivable progress going on with their musicianship.
    Especially this track manages to bring in all the best of their past songs combined with some new vibe, but that's just me.

    I'm really excited to see where this dark jouney will lead us in the future.
  44. Sweeden
    by Salem's Pot
    Part 1 Part 1
    I can feel that this will be stuck in my head for the next couple of weeks...if not longer. I'm especially addicted to the first side of the record. The slow, thick and heavy riffs drive both songs forward. The vocals contribute to the dark feel that all Salem's Pot tracks manage to deliver. Now get addicted!
  45. Walrus
    by Walrus
    Tromsø III Tromsø III
    Horror-fueled Krautrock from Sweden!