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  1. Final Fantasy 9 Remix: Epic Orchestral Medley
    by Rebecca Tripp
  2. Rise of the Triad
    by mdvhimself
  3. Descent 2
    by mdvhimself
  4. Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure
    by Bobby Prince
  5. Bermuda Syndrome
    by Tom Holewa, Jorg Schwiezer
  6. Doom 2
    by mdvhimself
  7. Maniac Mansion
    by David Warhol
  8. Indiana Jones and His Desktop Adventures
    by mdvhimself
  9. Age of Empires GOLD
    by David Rippy, Stephan Rippy
  10. Life's a Beach
    by mdvhimself
  11. Nuclear Winter
    by mdvhimself
  12. Wolfenstein 3D
    by Bobby Prince
  13. Age of Empires II
    by Stephen Rippy
  14. Blackthorne
    by mdvhimself
  15. Sim City 2000
    by Sue Kasper
  16. Dune II
    by Frank Klepacki
  17. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge
    by Michael Z. Land
  18. Duke Nukem 3D
    by Lee Jackson, Robert Prince
  19. Blood
    by mdvhimself
  20. Ultima Underworld II - Labyrinth of Worlds
    by Dan Schmidt & Jon Blackley