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Osfaughn عسفان

  1. Tucson, Arizona
  2. Electronic
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  1. Lost Yellow
    by PBS'73
    This artist is really gifted. He's one of the few today I feel has "it". I feel like he, or she (dunno), is holding back. Wish they would let loose and go crazy a little.
  2. The Coffee Zone
    by Fearofdark
    Lovesickness Lovesickness
  3. Itasca Road Trip
    by Boreal Network
    Itasca Road Trip Itasca Road Trip
  4. Artificial Sunshine
    by rykard
    Music, like good food, good art, can permeate your mood, your soul, your senses. Rykard's work is so consistent in message it always transcends one's skin so much so you feel a hot temperature drop to a cool 50 degrees whenever you're listening. It always whisks you away somewhere far, strange, and vast. I feel this artist still has a lot to give us and am excited to see and share. Favorite Tracks: Cross the Lades Marsh, North Cormorant, and Artificial Sunshine.
  5. The View From The Needles
    by Boreal Network
  6. Interchange EP
    by Lost Integrity
    Lulluby No. 4 Lulluby No. 4
    This artist's work alone is enough reason to make me grateful for finding Bandcamp. His work is extremely thoughtful, with a fine and wide artistic palette. Many of Lost Integrity's songs are imbued with a maturely restrained undercurrent of nostalgia. I feel reflective on a past that has ever-unfolding meaning.
  7. Phase With The Moon
    by Boreal Network
    Phase With The Moon Phase With The Moon
    Borreal Network's music is proof why you cannot camouflage mastery. With creative prowess, her compositions are both wide ranging in palette and extremely dynamic without any hint of drifted intent. She is so powerful an artist, the serene-seeking listener like myself stays fixated. Worth coming across her sweet-spot tracks like "Phase With The Moon" and "The View From The Needles".
  8. Go Where You Wanna Go
    by Lost Integrity
    Go Where You Wanna Go Go Where You Wanna Go
  9. Competitive Games of Realness
    by Mister Matthews
    Full Uptight Nutrition Full Uptight Nutrition
  10. Horrible Oracle Blessedness
    by Am-Boy
    Full Circle Full Circle
    Sometimes the simplest of the things can be the most powerful, impactive, and original; that's how I feel about this album. It's the first album I've heard in 10 years that's really felt magical to me.