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  1. Sagarmatha
    by The Appleseed Cast
  2. Change The Way You Think About Pain
    by Incendiary
  3. Songs for the Enamel Queen
    by Black Sheep Wall
  4. Glass Casket
    by Glass Casket
  5. Lowest Of The Low
    by Terror
    all time album
  6. In the End of Human Existence
    by Abominable Putridity
    besides devourment albums...... probably my favorite slam album ever. this album is absolutely perfect slam. it is at the top of best ever in the genre in my opinion.
  7. Snuffed On Sight
    by Snuffed on Sight
    ok....ok...... ok...... new slam band to watch.
  8. Rest of Life
    by Steve Roach
  9. Echoes of Battle
    by Caladan Brood
  10. Transition
    by Havenaire
  11. Effigies Of Evil (Deluxe Version)
    by Hooded Menace
    the riffs........ the fucking riffs
  12. The Nine Choirs
    one of the best newer us dm bands going right now. really want to see them live. come to arizona.
  13. Godless Voyage
    by Tribal Gaze
  14. 30 Years of Earache Records
    by Earache Records
  15. Relapse Sampler 2012
    by Relapse Records
  16. You Fail Me
    by Converge
    one of my favorite albums of all time.
  17. Resonance: Crimson Void
    by Mare Cognitum / Aureole
  18. Encased In Ice
    by Frozen Soul
    8=========D~~~ ~~ ~
  19. Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk
    by Emperor
  20. Hope Drone - Hope Drone
    by Silent Pendulum Records