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  1. Leave
    by Sadness
    The untouchable words between The untouchable words between
    god damn i love this guy.
  2. Wilt
    by Wilt
    Empyrean Empyrean
    I was very surprised I had not heard this yet. this is quality a-bm, alike fellow canadians old graves and older wittr.
  3. That Makes Me Smart!
    by Anal Trump
    Grab Em By The Pussy Grab Em By The Pussy
  4. Pyrrhic
    by Voidspawn
    Pyrrhic Pyrrhic
    absolutely incredible first release. some of the best new death metal I've heard in years. very hopeful, and excited to hear a full length.
  5. Зарђала Круна
    by Bròn
    Зарђала Круна Зарђала Круна
  6. Until the Wind Stops Blowing...
    by Clouds Collide
    As if a Dead Leaf As if a Dead Leaf
  7. Peasant
    by Thou
    The Work Ethic Myth The Work Ethic Myth
  8. Heathen
    by Thou
    Free Will Free Will
  9. Vae Mortis
    by Cursed Earth
    Suffocation Suffocation
  10. Naught
    by Naught
    I, The Wraith I, The Wraith
  11. Remnants Of A Vile Existence(Demo '17)
    by Stormbringer
    Remnants Of A Vile Existence Remnants Of A Vile Existence
    appears in 1 other collection
  12. Diablo, Con Amor.. Adios.
    by Xibalba
    Diablo Diablo
    fantastic. one of my favorite bands going. this did not disappoint at all.

    *slowly headbangs while pressing save*
  13. Between the Light
    by Anomalie
    Blinded Blinded
  14. Aikojen takaa 1
    by Kalmankantaja
    Yksinäisyys Yksinäisyys
    seriously.... 1 song again..... ? I'm not getting anything again most likely.
  15. Glas
    by Nemesis Sopor
    Splitter Splitter
  16. Pledge Nothing But Flesh
    by Scáth Na Déithe
    Bloodless Bloodless
    this album is easily one of the top head turning albums I've heard so far this year, and an instant front runner for album of the year [imo]. it has such incredible production and energy/atmosphere.

    it has the disturbing heavy filthyness of u.s. bands primitive man and fister, but in a black metal style.

    so if you've ever wondered what a band like primitive man would sound like if they also had a bm project as well as their more grind projects, this seems like something pretty damn close.
  17. The Axis of Equality
    by Judiciary
    The Axis of Equality The Axis of Equality
  18. The Lost Songs
    by Karl Verkade
    Revana (Dreamscape Mix) Revana (Dreamscape Mix)
  19. dread
    by YITH
    time and loss time and loss
  20. Covenant Of Teeth
    by Morrow
    Fathom Fathom
    Alex's lyrics have blown my mind like always. And musically this incredible.
  21. Anomie
    by Violet Cold
    She Spoke Of Her Devastation She Spoke Of Her Devastation
    this album is an absolute gem. i am so impressed and blown away by this man.
  22. RUIN "Ruin" (CD & Digital)
    by Loneravn Records
    1 - Contagion I 1 - Contagion I
  23. A Faint Aurora
    by Mist Of Nihil
    Desires of a Shadowed Notion Desires of a Shadowed Notion
    by Archivist
    Lamenting Configuration Lamenting Configuration
  25. Of Despair And Self-Destruction
    by Insanity Cult
    Seeds Of Lesser Gods Seeds Of Lesser Gods
    this is absolutely fucking fantastic.
  26. As My End Unfolds...
    by Insanity Cult
    In My Final Ache In My Final Ache
  27. Of Despair And Self-Destruction
    by Insanity Cult
    Seeds Of Lesser Gods Seeds Of Lesser Gods
    this is absolutely fucking fantastic.
  28. Errata
    by Convulsing
    Eleven Sigils Eleven Sigils
  29. Upheaval
    by Subservience
    Upheaval Upheaval
  30. This Might Be The Last Time You'll Ever Hear From Us
    Let Go Let Go
  31. Au-Dessus
    by Au-Dessus
    II II
    I am infatuated by this record, and very glad I found it. It has a really original and unique sound, which is incredibly rare these days obviously. It's incredibly honest and real sounding, as well as being priced at nearly nothing, which is surprising with how top notch the production is. in conclusion: grab the fucker.
  32. suna kulto
    by Dakhma
    East East
  33. The Descent Of Man
    by Vestiges
    Intro Intro
    exceptional album. [imo]they do the crusty bm sound much better than the other bands doing this that get wayyyy more hype and attention like thraenkind etc. that band is good, and i dig some of their stuff, but overall this band just does it better [imo]. the best at this sound (imo) are any of the members of projects like morrow/archivist/anopheli etc , and this album to me is up there along with those bands.
  34. Anguish and Atonement
    by Mo'ynoq
    In Death We Accomplish Nothing In Death We Accomplish Nothing
  35. Vale Of Tears LP
    by Bleib Modern
    Dust Dust
  36. For You and All the Rest, Forever Until the End
    by Cavalcades
    A Carthorse for the Knacker A Carthorse for the Knacker
    ♡ these dudes.
  37. The Scar Is Our Watermark
    by Thoughts Of Ionesco
    Learning An Enemy Learning An Enemy
    How the fuck had i never even heard of this?!?!?! This is fucking rad.

    Reminds me of the glorydays of late 90's riff oriented metalcore/noise rock alike deadguy/botch/coalesce/cave in/rorschach/bloodlet/burnt by the sun + helmet & Jesus lizard kinda ugly rock etc. back when metalcore wasn't an embarrassing voldemort term that somehow transformed into people immediately thinking 'swooped hair guyliner white belt girly keyboard breakdown mallcore fests'.
  38. Our Dreams are Made of Rain
    by Karl Verkade
    Hope Springs Eternal Hope Springs Eternal
  39. Piety and Iron
    by Dumal
    Piety Piety
  40. Aurora Borealis
    by Aureole
    II: Flight Over Aurora Borealis II: Flight Over Aurora Borealis
  41. Ást
    by Skagos
    Colossal Spell Colossal Spell
    what jan š said.

    will always be one of my all time favorite bm records.
  42. We, The Forlorn
    by Myridian
    Silent Death Silent Death
  43. Paranoiac Hell
    by Relinquished
    Shapeshifter Shapeshifter
    hell yes!!!!!! this is absolutely fantastic top fucking notch 90's style dm with a bit of slam thrown in. i'm incredibly excited about this band, and the fact I reside in the phx area makes me even more excited about catching some shows.

    to the band: very impressive dudes. keep it up. im very much hoping for an lp, and to see you guys live. derp.

  44. Nuée Noire
    by Wendess
    8915 8915
  45. Demo
    by Wendess
    Intro Intro