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  1. Splendor & Misery
    by clipping.
  2. too much of life is mood
    by scallops hotel
    There's something about losing the convenience of skipping tracks that shapes a listening experience. Having this as a single 40 minute mix reminds me of that, and I love it. This is a lot of audible texture and its a real raw journey, both humble and unapologetic.
  3. heartsick
    by Psymun
    dead albatross (featuring chester watson) dead albatross (featuring chester watson)
    Discovered hearsick after playing Pink Label into the ground and needing more. Heartsick features all of the careful chaos that makes Psymun such a great producer, a hot mess of texture stitched together by an unrelenting shuffle and kick.
  4. SSV3
    by psymun
  5. Pink Label
    by Psymun
    Maps (featuring Chester Watson) Maps (featuring Chester Watson)
    Discovered Psymun last year by way of his work with Chester Watson, and was blown away by the nuance and deliberateness with witch he crafts melody and rhythm. He's a master of the craft and my life is richer for the discovery.
  6. turtle tape
    by psymun
  7. rik strrling
    by psymun
  8. paws
    by psymun
  9. Plain Speaking
    by scallops hotel
  10. Wild Knights
    by Aqueduct
  11. Busch Hymns
    by Posture & The Grizzly
  12. Sunbather
    by Deafheaven
  13. A Million Miles Away
    by MACROSS 82-99
    by Wordburglar