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  1. Fire Is Our Friend (Extended Mix)
    by 4am Kru
  2. Liars
    by Karsten Pflum
  3. Heart Of A Lion EP
    by Function Records Uk
  4. Detroit Love Vol. 3 - Mixed by Waajeed
    by Waajeed
    Overbite Overbite
  5. The Glass Mountain
    by Basic Rhythm
  6. Inmates Vol. 5
    by Locked Up Music
  7. Dostrotime
    by Squarepusher
  8. Number 1 [BRK006]
    by TMSV
  9. (63) Years Back Remixes (Electro)
    by Freddy Fresh
  10. Hypnosis 92
    by Opius
  11. Veak - Dubplate Dose Volume 2
    by Veak Music
  12. Beat Machine
    by LectrO cOd_E
  13. Viktor Gauntlet ep
    by Neil Landstrumm
    Techno for Tash Techno for Tash
    Holy. shit. This is that twisted warehouse vibe circa Understanding Disinformation that is so sick it has me gurning at my desk. Distorted kicks, warped bass... alien shit. THIS is the sound. 10/10 I'm 21 again. Thank you Neil.
  14. Same Language
    by Buzzi
  15. Panopticon
    by Kilbourne
  16. Electric Envelope
    by Patrick Carpenter
  17. Luminous Machines
    by Plant43
  18. Piyakdu - Pearles Upon the'e Rossarie ov Faith
    by Piyakdu
    Gilofre, Gyngure, ac Gromylyoune, ac Pyonys Powdered ay Bytwene Gilofre, Gyngure, ac Gromylyoune, ac Pyonys Powdered ay Bytwene
    Once again, a clandestine, illicit interface of dark and light. The kaleidoscope of vibrations oozing off of this benevolent, yet terrifying machine-elf of an album keeps me humble. It's not ego death, but it's not not ego death. It's some forgotten deity, impassively perceiving me, peripherally, but absolutely commanding my fixated dread. Gorgeous.
  19. Redux EP
    by LO!
  20. Architecture Dub #001 (Peshay / DJ Trax)
    by Suburban Architecture