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Elijah Rowan

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  1. 20 Percent Cooler
    by Ken Ashcorp
  2. IM013 - Liar - Strange Love
    by Liar
    01.- Benzolovers 01.- Benzolovers
  3. Fun Fun Fun
    by Cats Millionaire
    Rarity Fighting a Giant Crab Rarity Fighting a Giant Crab
  4. Burgz
    by Ken Ashcorp
  5. Super Lesbian Horse RPG OST
    by SLHRPG Music Team
    FlutterDashing (Chip Remix) FlutterDashing (Chip Remix)
    an amazing game with an amazing soundtrack. everything about this game made me happy, the story, the sprites and the dialog all wrapped up in a game that took me around three and a half hours to complete. Can't thank the guys behind slhrpg enough for this amazing game.
    Thank you :)
  6. 8-Bit Ponies
    by RainbowCrash88
    Smile Smile Smile (8-Bit) Smile Smile Smile (8-Bit)