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  1. Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress
    by Gulch
  2. Trip to Japan
    by WEEDIAN
    Church of Misery - Road To Ruin Church of Misery - Road To Ruin
    Despite the Japanese experimental scene being my entree to stoner rock by way of Boris 20+ years ago, my knowledge of other bands in this space has been confined to the more known ones (Church of Miser, Kikagaku Moyo, etc.). Like all of Weedian's trips, this Trip to Japan is informative, expansive, and incredibly fun.
  3. Roman Candle
    by Funeral Chic
  4. Heavy Rocks (2022)
    by Boris
  5. Sinai Dub Box (2012-2022)
    by Al Cisneros
  6. Pixel Force
    by Waveshaper, Lukhash
  7. Leather Lung - Pissing Gasoline
    by WEEDIAN
    Just fucking listen to it
  8. Dive Bar Devil
    by Leather Lung
    Road Soda Road Soda
    Pure, distilled Leather Lung. Leather Lung has always had an incredibly diverse set of influences (check out their Spotify playlist Leather Lung Practice Space Jams for a window into them), and this EP manages to showcase them all, in both subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

    Pairs perfectly with their Dive Bar Devil lager from Widowmaker Brewing.
  9. Todo Muere SBXV
    by Sacred Bones Records
  10. The Singularity
    by Wo Fat
  11. Ecstasies of Never Ending Night
  12. The Enigma, Boundless
    by Sadistic Ritual
  13. Born of Obsidian
    by Kurokuma
  14. EP. 9-10
    by Beastmaker
    by Hippie Death Cult
  16. ゆめをみたの - i dreamed... -
    by SWARRRM
    見えない場所だろうと - even if it is invisible place - 見えない場所だろうと - even if it is invisible place -
  17. Devil's Grin
    by Swamphead
    by Truck Flag
  19. Noël
    by Boris
  20. Exile
    by LukHash x Shirobon