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Erik Hansen

  1. Richmond, Virginia
  2. Electronic
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  1. Pleasure District 002
    by dBridge / Kid Drama
    Module Eight Module Eight
  2. SOUL:R 063 - FourFit EP 02
    by Various Artists
    Leave Leave
    by VOYAGE
    Extraterestrial Extraterestrial
  4. CONVEXDIGI001 - With You / With You (Kid Drama Remix)
    by Jon Convex
    With You With You
  5. Engram 2
    by Mikarma
    Engram 2.1 (Anywhere) Engram 2.1 (Anywhere)
  6. LM1 / Indigo Sync / Atmodisiac - Memory Alpha EP (Offworld047)
    by Offworld Recordings
    LM1 feat Indigo Sync - Memory Alpha LM1 feat Indigo Sync - Memory Alpha
  7. LM1 & Airstrike - Torn Apart Ep (Offworld051)
    by Offworld Recordings
    LM1 & Airstrike - Torn Apart LM1 & Airstrike - Torn Apart
  8. (OFW01) LM1 – Blue Mountain ep
    by LM1
    Blue mountain Blue mountain
  9. BluDream - On The Edge Ep (Offworld052)
    by Offworld Recordings
    BluDream - On The Edge BluDream - On The Edge
  10. Silence Groove - Angelic EP (Offworld054)
    by Offworld Recordings
    1. Drifting Shapes 1. Drifting Shapes
  11. NONPLUS LP004 - Think & Change PLATE 5 - White Snares / Bad Chicago
    by Instra:mental & dBridge / Martyn
    White Snares White Snares
    This song has a subtle elegance to it that is so minimal and beautiful at the same time that I forget that I'm actually listening to a drumnbass track!
  12. NONPLUS LP/CD003 - Instra:Mental - Resolution 653
    by Instra:mental
    Waterfalls Waterfalls
    I cannot really describe this track but the first time I heard Doc Scott play it on his Future Beats Radio Show I immediately loved it. Tropical Trance maybe?
  13. Soul:r 076 - LSB - Content LP
    by LSB
    Lydian ft Millie Watson Lydian ft Millie Watson
  14. SOUL:R 036 - DAT Music 2 - Part 1
    by Various Artists
    Underwater Scene Underwater Scene
  15. SCI019 - Naibu - Case Study LP
    by Naibu, Makoto, Key
    Astray Astray
  16. SCI014 - Mav - Sounds of the Deep LP
    by Mav, Chris.SU, Seba, Naibu, Future Engineers, Bungle, Paul SG, Jackie Valerie, P-Gemma
    Skylines Skylines
  17. CNVX002 - Versus
    by Kid Drama (featuring Skeptical & Consequence)
    Kid Drama - Versus #1 (featuring Skeptical) CNVX002 Kid Drama - Versus #1 (featuring Skeptical) CNVX002
  18. CNVX006 - Average Echo / Heritage
    by dBridge / Loxy & Resound
    dBridge - Average Echo dBridge - Average Echo
  19. Pleasure District 006 - dBridge
    by dBridge
    I'm Feeling Cold I'm Feeling Cold
  20. EXIT LP013 - Mark System - 'Final Approach' LP
    by Mark System
    Final Approach Final Approach
  21. Shimmer / Traces
    by RQ
    Traces Traces
    Minimal soundscapes with smooth and bright amens layered over rhythmic 808's make this a great "newer version" of jungle.
  22. Embrace EP
    by Akuratyde
    Embrace Embrace
    Deep and melodic, this track makes me recall how things used to be in my life but now are not so. Sub bass on this is heavy and soothing. I could almost enter into a meditative state listening to that sub.
  23. Run / Healing
    by Queensway
    Healing Healing
    Sounds like a warmer and more optimistic version of burial's take on dubstep. Organic sounding drums and soulful vocals.
  24. Famous Lost Words
    by Blu Mar Ten
    Hunter (feat. Seba) Hunter (feat. Seba)
    Seba's drums and BMT's melodies, how could I not like this track. Very subtle pianos with growling reeses combine over nicely compressed drums. The groove on this one is a rocker style!
  25. Five Summers / Still The One
    by Blu Mar Ten & InsideInfo
    Five Summers Five Summers
  26. CNVXLP001 - Passes L.P
    by Mikarma
    Links Links
    First heard these tracks on the heart drive podcast 04. This track sounds like two separate tracks mixed together through "links" one might say. Amazing arrangement and tasteful bitcrushing of drum sounds. This track made me think of the original nintendo games and brought me back to the days of 2D platforms with adventure. At the same time, this music is paradoxically futuristic. Amazing production on the whole album. You will forget you are listening to drumnbass, it's that good.
  27. CNVX001 - Crimson / Azure E.P
    by Kid Drama
    A1 Kid Drama - Azure pt.1 A1 Kid Drama - Azure pt.1
  28. NONPLUS 007 - Ochre / Cascade Failure
    by Vaccine
    Ochre Ochre
    Has a vibe reminiscent of "blood on my hands" by Shackleton.
  29. NONPLUS 015 - Radar / Vacuum States
    by Jon Convex
    Radar Radar