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  1. In the Shape of a Storm
    Throw Me Now Your Arms Throw Me Now Your Arms
  2. Hereditatem Pt. II
    by Asher Graieg-Morrison
    Quick! Quick!
    by Leava
    Had Enough Had Enough
  4. Where We Come From (CHICAGOxLONDON Mixtape)
    by Makaya McCraven
    Halls Halls
  5. You Won't Get What You Want
    by Daughters
    Long Road, No Turns Long Road, No Turns
    Despite the sometimes-overwhelming cacophony, every piece of You Won’t Get What You Want feels incredibly intentional. There isn’t a wasted moment. It’s unnatural and distressing, but oh-so invigorating.
  6. Universal Beings
    by Makaya McCraven
    Atlantic Black Atlantic Black
    At an hour-and-a-half, Universal Beings is a meaty record, but it doesn’t overstay its welcome. Divided into four different sections by their recording sessions/locations, the styles at play are widely varied, but the album still holds together as a cohesive unit. The collaborations are top-notch. McCraven’s approach to production and arrangements is wildly creative. Universal Beings is everything a jazz album should be.
  7. Twisted Crystal
    by Guerilla Toss
    Jackie's Daughter Jackie's Daughter
  8. The Hex
    by Richard Swift
    Sept20 Sept20
    The Hex encapsulates everything that made Richard Swift a phenomenal producer and songwriter. It’s heartbreaking that this is the last we will ever hear from him, but The Hex will undoubtedly echo on as a priceless treasure of a record. Read my full review here:
  9. Arboretum
    by Captain Kudzu
    Squares Squares
    This psych-injected indie rock record is as sharp and smart as heck. Cleverly arranged, produced, and performed, Arboretum is an engaging early effort from Birmingham, Alabama’s Captain Kudzu. Don’t sleep on this one.
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  10. I Don't Have A Bib
    by Half-handed Cloud
    Just A Little Bit Of Pizza Just A Little Bit Of Pizza
    A cute, heartfelt look into the Ringhofer family’s life, I Don’t Have a Bib is a true gift and a warm hug of an album.
  11. Child of My Sorrow
    by The Chairman Dances
    Iridescent Iridescent
    For listeners looking for a thoughtful exploration of heartache, Child of My Sorrow is an essential listen. The lyrics are intimate and immediate, and the production appropriately amplifies the emotion of the songwriting. Read my full review here:
  12. Mount Eerie
    by the Microphones
    I. the Sun I. the Sun
  13. It Was Hot, We Stayed In The Water
    by the Microphones
    the Pull the Pull
  14. Highly Rare
    by Makaya McCraven
    R.F.J. III R.F.J. III
  15. Pop Therapy
    by Video Age
    Paris to the Moon Paris to the Moon
  16. HiLo
    by Jack Stauber
    Dead Weight Dead Weight
    This guy is a madman in all the right ways.
  17. Kindergarten Prayers
    Cash Register Gospel (Rope Burn) Cash Register Gospel (Rope Burn)
    The pure, authentic spirit behind STREAKING IN TONGUES merits the band more attention than they currently receive. It’s long and sometimes tedious, but Kindergarten Prayers is avant-garde and anti-folk at their best.
  18. Holy Heatwave
    by Lady Legs
    Bottomless Pit Bottomless Pit
  19. For a Wandering Beam of Sun
    by Solidarity Hymn
    For a Wandering Beam of Sun For a Wandering Beam of Sun
    Solidarity Hymn is a stunner. Abstract, ponderous, and beautiful, this record has a keen sense of pace and atmosphere. Othling and Kemner know precisely when the compositions should expand and contract, avoiding stale monotony and allowing the record to feel effortlessly alive.
  20. Red Shift
    by Bronze Wolf
    Voyager Voyager
  21. Hereditatem Pt. 1
    by Asher Graieg-Morrison
    Sounds of Light Sounds of Light
    AG-M's best tape yet. Progressing from last year’s lo-fi Things Are Being Held Together, Hereditatem feels far more coherent and focused, likely due to its more restrained sample palette. These droning soundscapes are sometimes unsettling or mysterious, and at other times are more uplifting. In any case, Morrison has employed a greater attention to detail and composition for this album, and it really shows.
  22. Now Only
    by Mount Eerie
    Tintin In Tibet Tintin In Tibet
    Now Only features some of Mount Eerie’s loveliest and most macabre writing in one package; the irony certainly isn’t lost on him that the most ebullient music on the record is set to the chorus “People get cancer and die/People get hit by trucks and die.” The callbacks to Crow in “Two Paintings By Nikolai Astrup” are haunting, bringing this sort of “Death Trilogy” — or whatever people will call these records 10 years from now — full circle.
  23. On The Echoing Green
    by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
    A Song Of Summer A Song Of Summer
    This is a great collection of dreamy, nostalgic ambient tunes. I absolutely love the textures on this release. It's a very richly-layered record.
  24. Change
    by Cindy Wilson
    Mystic Mystic
    This record was a surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one. I wouldn't have expected Wilson to release this style of record on KRS, nor would I have necessarily expected it to be very good. However, Wilson's voice has aged very well, and her songwriting chops haven't dulled a bit. I look forward to future releases from her.
  25. EP3
    by Oliver Elf Army
    Infinity Is OK Infinity Is OK
    WARNING: Oliver Elf Army's latest and greatest may be offensive to Nazis.
  26. even my dumb dog in the heat of the summer has lost his passion
    by R. Turner
    demons demons
    Darkly heartwarming singer/songwriter. Simultaneously warm and cool production and lyrics. Captivating stuff.
  27. the Glow pt. 2
    by the Microphones
    the Glow pt. 2 the Glow pt. 2
    This record deserves all the attention it receives, and more. It's a classic record for indie/avant-garde music that, despite a growing retrospective acclaim, is perhaps still underappreciated. It's a crowning achievement not only for Phil Elverum's body of work, but maybe even for the music of Washington state as a whole.
  28. Christmas Cactus
    by Isaac Gill
    The New Years Day Carol The New Years Day Carol
    "Christmas Cactus" is an EP well worth the wait. Not only does it finally treat listeners once again to Isaac Gill’s whimsical-yet-earnest lyricism and eclectic musicianship, but it also delivers a batch of Christmas originals that deserve a place right alongside the classics. Read my full review here:
  29. Things Are Being Held Together
    by Asher Graieg-Morrison
    In Need Of A Greater Narrative In Need Of A Greater Narrative
    While not as thematically unified as AG-M's first record from 2017, "Things Are Being Held Together" sports some fascinating textures and tape loops, and is another noteworthy collection of spiritually-minded ambient/drone music. It's also worth mentioning that this was one of the coolest cassette release concepts of the year. Keep your eyes on AG-M.
  30. Neverending
    by Spirit Award
    Fields Fields
    These guys write captivating songs, and they are a must-see live act. Keep your eyes on Spirit Award. With a debut this good, there's no telling where they will go.
  31. The Twin
    by Sound of Ceres
    Humaniora Humaniora
  32. IV
    by Psychic Temple
    Wait For Me Wait For Me
  33. R. Turner
    by R. Turner
    UC 4 ME UC 4 ME
  34. EP
    by BUFFET
    Nick #2 Nick #2
    BUFFET's inaugural tape is all about authenticity. These six raw emotional sketches succinctly explore feelings of confusion and frustration through invigorating and satisfying punk. The EP’s centerpiece, “Nick #2,” is the release’s most refined musical and lyrical statement. Read my full review here:
    by Asher Graieg-Morrison
    Pure Religion Pure Religion
    "Pure Religion" doesn’t aim to provide any profound insights on its biblical texts; instead, it invites us to listen for God’s voice ourselves. While the musical progressions are simple enough to provide a soundtrack a listener’s meditation, they are layered and textured enough to be compelling on their own. Read my full review here:
  36. A Crow Looked At Me
    by Mount Eerie
    Real Death Real Death
    This record will crush your soul, but you need to listen to it. It’s the most important record of 2017 -- a masterclass in exploring grief and loss.
  37. (I Am) Origami Pt.1 - The Universal Sigh
    by John Van Deusen
    Don't Pitch Correct Me Don't Pitch Correct Me
    A great introduction to John Van Deusen's body of work, as well as a stellar beginning to an ambitious album quadrilogy. These finely-crafted pop/rock tunes are accessible, yet deep enough to avoid being vapid.
  38. Slowdive
    by Slowdive
    Sugar for the Pill Sugar for the Pill
    In a nearly perfect comeback record, Slowdive bridges the sounds of "Pygmalion" and "Souvlaki" while showing that the band has matured in vocals, lyrics, and production.
  39. The Weather
    by Pond
    Paint Me Silver Paint Me Silver
    Look no further than Pond's latest record for a well-crafted piece of anthemic psychedelia. "The Weather" is packed to the brim with triumphant, tasteful, tongue-in-cheek nihilism, expressing existential frustrations through soaring anthems, psych-rock breakdowns, and sleek synth-pop grooves.
  40. This Old Dog
    by Mac DeMarco
    For the First Time For the First Time
    I've admittedly never been a DeMarco fan, but I for some reason decided to listen to this new album. This record might be the most pleasant and accessible album I've heard this year. I can't think of a context where it wouldn't be a good idea to listen to This Old Dog. It's a simple, endearing, and warm record that accomplishes a lot with a very narrow palette. 
  41. Star Stuff
    by Chaz Bundick Meets The Mattson 2
    All the fresh, jazzy jam tunes you need for a relaxing summer can be found in this easy-going, psychedelic treat of a record. Don't pass this one up.
  42. Sincerely, Future Pollution
    by Timber Timbre
    Western Questions Western Questions
    Imagine if "I'm Your Man" era Leonard Cohen soundtracked a Blade Runner / Stranger Things crossover television special, and you have a pretty good idea of this record's style and mood. Moreover, it marks Timber Timbre's most pointed lyricism to date, making for an intriguing and entertaining album.
  43. My Bones Are Singing
    by Those Lavender Whales
    Open Up Open Up
    "My Bones Are Singing" is a reminder that sometimes the simplest truths are the most profound. Those Lavender Whales strike the difficult balance between earnestness and sincerity, without emotional pandering or thematic dilution. It’s a peculiar, refreshing, and beautiful record. Read my full review here:
  44. Either/Or
    by Elliott Smith
    Say Yes Say Yes
    Elliott Smith had an inimitable proficiency in writing sad songs that are purely cathartic, free of self-indulgence. It's a shame how he left the earth, but these songs are, and will continue to be, an invaluable gift to the musicians, the poets, and the brokenhearted who hear them.
  45. Hang
    by Foxygen
    On Lankershim On Lankershim
    "Hang" is a magical concoction of pastiche. It somehow manages to be both maximalist and nuanced, both self-aware and endearing. While they owe great debts to their timeless inspirations, Foxygen's flawless production may have ensured that they've created a timeless record of their own.