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  1. Thrive On Neglect
    by Immortal Bird
  2. My Own Shit
    by Black Cock
  3. All Paths Lead To Nowhere
    by Colombian Necktie
    The Mirror's Reflection The Mirror's Reflection
    This album so amazing. I think the guitar playing takes a big step forward. Ben D. and Juan, big respect to you brother's. Scott deliver's it both vocally and lyrically. Ben B. and Alex keeping the groove through out the entire record doin what a bassist and the drummer are supposed to be doin, be the engine that propel's the ship and COLOMBIAN NECKTIE are the flag ship of the L.A. Metal scene.
  4. Through the Dusty Path of Our Lives
    by Abrahma
  5. Eastward
    by Hudson
  6. Crimson
    by Hudson
  7. No Light, No Tunnel
    by BLEAK
    Teeth Teeth
    Love this band and love this album. It's aggression from start to finish. There live show is brutal and in your face. Wish they could tour the west coast more.
  8. Family & Friends Summer Sampler 1 (FREE)
    by Various Artists
  9. Anareta
    by Horrendous
  10. Cold Was The Ground
    by The Midnight Ghost Train
  11. The Apocalypse
    by The Reaper
    The Forgotten The Forgotten
    killer stuff!
    I'm in Ontario California as well....
  12. A Victory Over Suffering
    by Misery Ritual
  13. Become
    by Misery Ritual
  14. Death By Burning
    by MANTAR
    Astral Kannibal Astral Kannibal
    Just a brutal fuckin record and one of my favorites in the last 10 years.
  15. III Sessions
    by Shared Arms
  16. A New Skin
    by Sixty Miles Down
    appears in 1 other collection
  17. Sink Or Swim
    by Sixty Miles Down
  18. Sapphire
    by Diamond Lane
  19. World Without Heroes
    by Diamond Lane
  20. The dust sessions Vol.1
    by Ghost Trails
    Reach for the sky Reach for the sky
    Can't stop playing this EP over and over.
    Reach For The Shy just blows me away every time I hear it. Just can't wait to hear more from this band. Singer has a voice that grabs you.
  21. The Captain's Daughter
    by Eight Bells
  22. Akrasia
    by Immortal Bird
  23. Cry Wolf
    by The Parlor Mob
  24. EGT - DooM Covers Remastered
    by elguitarTom
  25. Through The Wild
    by Six Miles Wide
  26. BLEAK
    by Bleak
    Bridge Burner Bridge Burner
    Saw BLEAK play in San Diego California with Colombian Necktie and Deep Sea Thunder Beast. Know nothing about them but when they hit the stage the shit got real. Thought Skot was gonna kill everyone in his path. They blow me away and I can't wait for more music and the chance to see them live again.
  27. S/T 2012
    by Deep Sea Thunder Beast
  28. Suffer Along EP
    by Suffer Along
    appears in 1 other collection
  29. ERA
    by Atomic Tom
  30. Endless Noise Vol. 2
    by Grey Water Collective
  31. Detachment
    by Skinslip
    The Knife The Knife
  32. Deadly Habits
    by Six Miles Wide
    appears in 1 other collection
  33. The Dying Light
    by Soulnerve
  34. What I Meant to Say EP
    by Tidemouth
  35. Velvet and Stone
  36. So Goes The Madness
    by Deep Sea Thunder Beast
  37. Closure EP
    by Suffer Along
    Desideria Desideria
    appears in 1 other collection
  38. Twilight Upon Us
    by Colombian Necktie
    Play The Game Play The Game
    Play the Game is my favorite track off Twilight Upon Us. It just has a groove to that makes you wanna good nuts.
  39. Every Tongue Shall Caress
    by The Love Below
  40. Empress/Abscess
    by Immortal Bird
    To A Watery Grave To A Watery Grave
    A beautiful rage.....
  41. Burning Harbors
    by Burning Harbors
    appears in 1 other collection
  42. Empress/Abscess
    by Immortal Bird
    To A Watery Grave To A Watery Grave
    A beautiful rage.....