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Eric Lavey

  1. Adelaide, Australia
  2. Metal
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  1. Goat of a Thousand Young / Triumph of the Hordes
    Intro [1992 GOATY Demo] Intro [1992 GOATY Demo]
    This a recording that I have been after, for twenty years.
    It is great, primitive black metal!
  2. Massive Cauldron of Chaos
    by 1349
    Cauldron Cauldron
    Probably one of the bands better releases, the sound and atmosphere is different than earlier albums ... more 'true black metal'!
  3. Stained Glass Revelations
    by Negative Plane
    All Souls All Souls
    Brilliant album, different but just as good as their debut album!
  4. Intercourse and Lust
    by Abigail
    Hail Yakuza Hail Yakuza
    I remember when this album was first released 18 years ago... I was hunting Japanese metal!
    I have kept up with most of the bands full length albums, Intercourse and Lust, still the best! ... Hail Yakuza!
  5. Naishikyo-Sekai
    by Gonin-Ish
    Akai Kioku [The Crimson Memory] Akai Kioku [The Crimson Memory]
    It was hard to pick a favourite track, the whole album is a beautiful, mystical journey into the Japanese bizarre. Musicianship is flawless, covering so many aspects of music from metal, rock, classical to traditional. Vocals varying from growing death to clear, almost typical anime soundtrack style vocals.
    I have been listening to Japanese metal for almost 20 years, I love this band, this album! I wish I could get a hold of their other releases and look forward to future releases!!! 日本一番!!!
  6. Nykta
    by ZEMIAL
    Deathspell Deathspell
    This album is f**king brilliant! ...
    It's up there with the favourites ...
    Thank you.