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  1. Karmaflow: The Original Soundtrack
    by Karmaflow Band
    The Twins The Twins
  2. The Mantle
    by The Mantle
    Sisu Sisu
  3. Ziggurat
    by Arsafes
    Ziggurat Ziggurat
  4. Pequeñas Hiroshimas
    by A Shelter In The Desert
    Otra explosión se avecina Otra explosión se avecina
  5. Any Fool Can Regret Yesterday
    by Baulta
    Out Of Gravity Out Of Gravity
  6. The Great Filter (E.P.)
    by Mesarthim
    The Great Filter The Great Filter
  7. Venus
    by Hemina
    High Kite Ride High Kite Ride
  8. Wisdom & Failure - the instrumentals - FREE Download
    by no:carrier
    Sunset Castle (instrumental) Sunset Castle (instrumental)
  9. God of the Pavement Below
    by A Proper Burial
    Floor 25 Floor 25
  10. Kodama (Luxus)
    by Alcest
    Oiseaux De Proie Oiseaux De Proie
  11. Sonderlust
    by Kishi Bashi
    Ode to My Next Life Ode to My Next Life
  12. Love Songs
    by Sébastien Tellier
    L'Amour Et La Violence L'Amour Et La Violence
  13. Little Tybee
    by Little Tybee
    More like Jason More like Jason
  14. Ideology
    by Ideology
    Inhale (Attritionmen) Inhale (Attritionmen)
    This is really, really good... Like, my goodness. Probably one of the best surprises of 2016! This is some crazy, unique stuff with amazing musicianship. "Ideology" is a blast, start to finish! They also nailed their "for fans of" section, too! I would add Native Construct to that list.
  15. Arbors
    by Arctic Sleep
    Black Moth Black Moth
  16. Handmade Cities
    by Plini
    Electric Sunrise Electric Sunrise
  17. Vessels
    by Be'lakor
    The Smoke of Many Fires The Smoke of Many Fires
  18. Forever
    by In the Wake of Giants
    Seconds Seconds
  19. Runaway Kids (Single)
    by Harbour
    Runaway Kids Runaway Kids
    Ohhhh, yes... I love catchy things. They're my catharsis. Harbour provides a nice, long album FULL of the catchiest pop/rock tunes you'll hear in a good while. Do yourself a favor and capitalize on this incredible deal! You will have zero regrets, I guarantee it.
  20. We All Bleed the Same - EP
    by Alex Boye'
    We All Bleed The Same We All Bleed The Same
  21. Griseus
    by Aquilus
    In Lands of Ashes In Lands of Ashes
    Oh, wow! Man! Australia is so good to the metal scene... I hope we thank them enough. This is the best atmospheric black metal I've heard in a long, long time. And that piano! Holy junk! You could convince classical music junkies that this is some famous classical pianist's music, at times.
  22. III: Trauma
    by Harakiri for the Sky
    Funeral Dreams Funeral Dreams
  23. StarSystems III
    by StarSystems
    Entropy (feat. Jake Howsam Lowe) Entropy (feat. Jake Howsam Lowe)
  24. Stargazer
    by Astronoid
    Lightspeed Lightspeed
  25. Air
    by Astronoid
    Trail of Sulfur Trail of Sulfur
    My favorite album of 2016, so far! I've never been so pleasantly surprised by a piece of music... I had no idea what to expect, but it certainly wasn't what I ended up getting! This is some of the most emotive, beautiful, moving music you'll ever hear. Think of if Explosions in the Sky decided to embrace black metal, then added an angelic singer. That doesn't suffice as a description, so you'll just have to see for yourself.
  26. This is the Second Album of a band called Adebisi Shank
    by Adebisi Shank
    International Dreambeat International Dreambeat
  27. Lïan
    by Rïcïnn
    Uma Uma
  28. Arcturian
    by Arcturus
    Angst Angst
  29. Fall
    by Cairiss
    For The Lives He Stole For The Lives He Stole
  30. Metachthonia
    by Thrawsunblat
    Fires That Light the Earth Fires That Light the Earth
  31. Yet Further
    by Sioum
    Welcome to New Beginnings Welcome to New Beginnings
  32. Other Slices
    by Slice The Cake
    False Illumination False Illumination
  33. The Man With No Face
    by Slice The Cake
    Intro Intro
  34. Horizons EP
    by Tetrafusion
    Spider Silk Spider Silk
  35. Fire and Stone
    by The Gray Havens
    Far Kingdom Far Kingdom
  36. Ghost of a King
    by The Gray Havens
    Ghost of a King Ghost of a King
  37. Where Eyes Don't Go
    by The Gray Havens
    Silver Silver
  38. A Million Miles Away
    by マクロスMACROSS 82-99
    『82.99 F.M』 『82.99 F.M』
    Get funky! Get loud! Crank the jams! Have a blast!
  39. program music Ⅱ
    by KASHIWA Daisuke
    city in the lake city in the lake
    For some reason, this won't let me pick my TRUE favorite track ("Airport"), but that doesn't change anything! This is some incredibly gorgeous music. Perfect for unwinding and chillin' out. You'll love it!
  40. Your Sparkling Death Cometh
    by Falling Up
    Slow Waves Slow Waves
    Falling Up was the best thing to happen to Christian music in a long, long time. I'm gonna miss them, but I will never stop listening to this album. It's so amazingly beautiful... You'll have to see yourself.
  41. Planet Geisha
    by Cartoon Theory
    Hypnotic Nova's Dance (feat. Plini and Luke Martin) Hypnotic Nova's Dance (feat. Plini and Luke Martin)
    So. Much. Fun. What an incredible album! Been following Cartoon Theory for a good while now, and I'm so glad to finally see a comprehensive release! It's so good. Get it!
  42. Odyssey to the Gallows
    by Slice The Cake
    Odyssey to the Gallows Odyssey to the Gallows
    Dark, demented, and beautiful. Odd combination, right? Get your best headphones, turn off the lights, and crank this. You'll feel a thousand feelings.
  43. Odyssey to the West
    by Slice The Cake
    The Exile Part I - The Razor's Edge The Exile Part I - The Razor's Edge
    Oh man! I was NOT expecting this album! I really can't believe just how good it is... It's seriously beautiful. The spoken word is incredible, but don't let them have you think that's all you're gonna get, because things get HEAVY. This is a serious journey.
  44. Feed the Wolf (Norway Jose feat. Devin Townsend)
    by Haunted Shores
  45. Pillars (E.P.)
    by Mesarthim
    Pillars Pillars
    Yup. Mesarthim is beautiful, and everyone knows it. Buy this stuff, and jam out to some space metal.