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  1. Indiana Rome - Seen it yet ft. Tef Poe prod. by Jackpot Hitz
    by Indiana Rome
  2. Monkh and The People
    by Monkh
    With this album, you continue to see the evolution of Monkh as an artist with a message. You will notice some things are retained and others changed in his style and delivery. This album really grooves and gives a fullness of sound because of his amazing band. Still, his thoughtful lyrics and virtuoso guitar skills are ever present. I love this album like I love all things Monkh. Five out of five stars.
  3. Headlines (EP)
    by Monkh
    Don't Give In Don't Give In
    This album reminds you that there are people who respect their history and have the creativity to bring something new to the fold. Monkh is talented and authentic as an artist. He has songs about things that really matter and they sound and feel good, too.
  4. Ventilation (feat. Durance Ware)
    by Tef Poe
  5. The Hero Killer
    by Tef Poe
  6. Cheer For The Villain
    by Tef Poe
  7. Chivalry
    by Gavin M
  8. Almost Us
    by M&O
  9. The Joy
    by M&O
  10. American Empire
    by The Sun and The Sea
  11. Nightfalls
    by The Sun and The Sea
  12. Strange Women/Soul Revival
    by Search Parties
  13. I’m A Slow Rolling Wheel, But I Get Up To Speed
    by Gavin M
    Necklace Necklace
    Hard to pick a favorite because I really love Danielle, too. Gavin M. is super- talented and I can't figure out why he is not on the radio. I guess because the radio is stupid :) Buy his album. He puts his heart and soul into it.