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  1. Xoc Plays III
    by Xoc
    Iced Land / Underground / P-Block Iced Land / Underground / P-Block
    Love this album!
  2. LISA Soundtrack
    by Widdly 2 Diddly
    Boy Oh Boy Boy Oh Boy
    This album is so down to earth, 10/10!
  3. SMW
    by Xoc
    P-Block P-Block
    This is a work of art. I feel I need to hear this album 1,000 times before giving my thoughts. BRB.
  4. Mother Fucking Earthbound
    by ErichWK
    Smiles and Tears Smiles and Tears
    Love this album! Tries to give Mother 2 a sane face with top shelf arrangement, then hiding here are some really weird sfx, which give me chills. "Smiles and Tears" played in my life when I had to say goodbye to the friends I made in the last worldspace, moving on to a harder ws to make new friends in the matrix.

    Thanks ErichWK for making this, Weener for showing me. Do one for LISA The Painful/Joyful, you'll probably be the First.
  5. The Legend of Zelda V2
    by Bit Brigade
    Tal Tal Heights Tal Tal Heights
    If I don't get enough classic Zelda music in my life, this shows up
    and now I have both the physical and Bandcamp copy.

    Can't wait to see this album played live. It's going to happen someday.
  6. Labyrinth
    by Monomer
    Arcana Engine Arcana Engine
    I love the natural blend of chip and synth. We need more! The 80s sfx mixed in the tracks is ok, not always my tea, but each track shines when the modern feel of originality kicks in! I love those sound effects!
  7. The Black Box
    by aivi & surasshu
  8. SNES BEATS Vol 3
    by Bknapp
    Game Over Game Over
    Love this sort of vg music. thanks for the work
    by Bknapp
  10. Show Me Your Pizza (instrumental)
    by Tailed Feature
    love it
  11. Echorobot X Nelward X Custodian - H3h3 Podcast Theme
    by Echorobot
  12. Great Moves! Keep It Up!
    by Echorobot