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  1. Pennsylvania
  2. Experimental
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    by ...and the Native Hipsters
  2. Songs To Protest About
    by ...and the Native Hipsters
  3. Anorakula
    by John Callaghan
    Happy Ending Happy Ending
    Beautiful and abrasive, a really fascinating document of 90s homemade electronic-pop. "Give Me Some Air" and "Smearhead" later appeared on his ace Warp debut single.
  4. Bump And Swing
    by Dog Faced Hermans
  5. Hand Of Glory- 29II92 (MC)
    by Thokei Tapes
  6. Cold Tap Vs The Evil Prince
    by Wild Planet
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  7. Façade
    by DELETED
    This fantastic compilation takes on the rather difficult task of piecing together a coherent album from a vast, tape-based discography. It succeeds in capturing the melancholic tronics that set this particular project from Petchanatz's more whimsical Klimperei and the psych-pop of Al & Del.
  8. Saurus
    by Kev Hopper
  9. What Leave Behind
    by Toychestra and Fred Frith
  10. Beaten Jazz ep.
    by Blimp
  11. Tapes ep.
    by Blimp
  12. Snapper
    by Snapper
  13. And You Thought You Were Normal
    by Nash The Slash
  14. A High, Happy, Perverse And Cynical Cry Of Joy
    by BeNe GeSSeRiT
  15. NYH271 RA-X - Tape Tracks '94/'95
    by New York Haunted
  16. DOUBLE UP!
    by Stock, Hausen & Walkman
  17. Balancers
    by Lena Platonos
  18. Paralysis
    by Robert Rental
  19. Chem ab
    by Kumao
  20. Winter's Past
    by Carl Matthews