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  2. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. Cryptic [HNR58]
    by MONO/POLY
    Shapeshift Shapeshift
  2. SWARVY - Scotch
    by Swarvy
    Kittylitter Kittylitter
  3. Soundtrack To A Death
    by Mura Masa
    Miss You Miss You
  4. You Can
    by Body Language
  5. Thirty Eight
    by Apollo Brown
    Shotguns In Hell Shotguns In Hell
    Apollo has gained my attention from Clouds, and he has definitely put more samples in this album, but his choice of samples has created this hip hop masterpiece that would make anyone buy it.
  6. So On
    by esta.
    Carousel Carousel
    Esta is hands down one of the best producers on the beat scene, and So On just proves my point. From remixes to original tracks, the simplicity meets complexity, and the melodies just tumble on to p of the drums to produce this complete package of pure musical gold.
  7. Four Walls and an Amplifier
    by Brock Berrigan
    Clockwork Clockwork
    Brock Berrigan strikes the perfect balance between obscure samples, and boom bap style breaks, and swing that will make you wish you lived in the golden age.
  8. rio
    by wun two
    A4 - winter in rio A4 - winter in rio
    Wun Two has blessed us with this tape of wonderfully chill tracks, that gives anyone who listens to this the inspiration to go out make their own music.
  9. I ran a search for Cold Busted and all I found was this compilation
    by Various Artists
    Ode to the Rhythm Ode to the Rhythm
    The explosion of funk, jazz, hip hop, electronica, and 80's pop that is most of Cold Busted has given us the gift of this purely awesome compilation.
  10. Crates & Mindstates
    by Scruffnuk Dust
    Adi Shakti Adi Shakti
    Scruff is one of my favorite sample based artists, because of his rare digs, and the way he is able to compose, and intertwine the samples into this composition that presents beautifully, and pumps you up.
  11. This Is Her
    by Lakim
    Need Want Need Want
    Lakim, like all of Soulection is a musical genius, creating smooth, serenading beats, with the catchy vocal samples that make you come back for more.
  12. Carving Away The Clay
    by fLako
    Broken Toy Broken Toy
    damn, Broken Toy makes you feel like you are marching in the dessert, with the stacked drums, and horns, but you then teleport to a club where the arpeggiated synth melody comes it.
  13. The Mesektet
    by fLako
    Drops Drops
    The offbeat snares, and the high frequency synth create a unique sound, that defines fLako.
  14. Side B - Wun Two - Brown
    by Dave Sparkz & Wun Two
    a very sick beat
  15. Gasface
    by CASTLE
    Fool's Errand Fool's Errand
    The clever rhymes, accompany head bopping beats that create an atmosphere that only true hip hop can create.
  16. Blu EP
    by mr. carmack
    Lonely Day Lonely Day
    carmack does it again, with his enlightening synths, mixed with deep bass, and crisp drums to create a soundscape that can be compared to outer space. All in all, a great album to get pumped or to chill out.