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  1. Vapor City
    by Machinedrum
  2. Matt Bloom -VISITOR - 1977
    by Matt Bloom
  3. PROM + SEP
    by DJ Prominent & Seprock
  4. 30 microwave beats off the 303
    by HASH
  5. BlockGoblin V: SpaceCadet - WGR016
    by BlockGoblin
  6. sacrificial slice upon the blackened stone - WGR017
    by Stuffed Crust
  7. Farther Down We Go
    by Fflewddur
  8. In The Belly Of The Beats
    by Cap't Footbags
    Excellent selection of breaks love the breaks! Killer samples and synths.
  9. Shadowed Paths Through Middle-Earth
    by AKERIUS
  10. Reliker
  11. The Fall of Svælinørg
    by Marönian Athenæum
    Side A: the Great Stand of King Svænim Side A: the Great Stand of King Svænim
  12. Splintered Palace Walls
    by Inside The Fall
  13. Bíborkert
    by Phobos
  14. The Hopeless Resistance Of Emberdrin's Army
    by Ingvarr
  15. Anhedonia
    by At Dusk
  16. Sorrowcrown
    by Old Sorcery
  17. Ordainment Of Divinity
    by Skeleton
  18. In Darkness, We Trudge To Fate
    by Marönian Athenæum
  19. Ånden som Gjorde Opprør
    by Mortiis
  20. Blood and Thunder
    by Mortiis