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  1. Everything Dies
    by Human Serpent/Isolert
  2. Daemons
    by Dos Brujos
  3. Views On Change And Flow
    by Dos Brujos
  4. Towards the Great Dissolution
    by Insanity Cult/Isolert
  5. Isolert
    by Isolert
  6. Sovereignty
    by Obsidian Hooves
  7. Isolated Soul
    by Isolert
  8. Tuba Mirum Spargens Sonum Per Sepulcra Regionum, Coget Omnes Ante Thronum
    by aastraal
  9. the nectar of perversity springs from the well of repression (2009) - free
    doodstorm doodstorm
    Nice variety. Death Knell is a strong opener. RPBDFATCandles evokes maximum dread. Doodstorm is epic & reminiscent of "The Crucifixion" from JCSuperstar.
  10. Devotional Hymns (2010)
    the ravenous bloodlust of fallen angels the ravenous bloodlust of fallen angels
    Sustained dread atmosphere. TTFADRTLands' dense layers reveal more with each listen. TRBOFAngels is fucking epic: it writhes, engulfs & devastates. Devotional Hymns is a masterpiece with unique drums & bass. Possession delivers classic elements - good closer.
  11. Dood (2010) - free
    One track - noisy hellscape. Listen straight through more than once for full effect.
  12. Spear of Gold and Seraphim Bone | part 1 (2011)
    Engel Der Wrake Engel Der Wrake
    I listened to this album ~20 times in an attempt to write a summary. Just listen to the goddamn album - it's fantastic from the cover art to the last note. Faves: EDWrake [evokes epic & doomy '70-'72 King Crimson], SOGASBone & BEATTGate.
  13. Curses and Conspiracies
    by Aderlating+Actuary
    by various artists
    Shiver Shiver
    Aderlating "Shiver". Other fave tracks: 1, 8, 9 [fucking whacked!], 13, 17 [you had me at "gang raped by aliens"]. Overall though, this release does not thrill me.
  15. A Thorough Examination of a Corpse
    by V.A.
    Aderlating - Ox-Head and Horse-Face Aderlating - Ox-Head and Horse-Face
    Aderlating "Ox-Head and Horse-Face". I like track 15: Ókátr "Lobotomy of the Brain". I *don't hate* tracks 10 & 18. Overall though, this release fills me with regret for having listened to it.
  16. wolven nacht (2012) - free
    lips wet with lies lips wet with lies
    Donkerste Grot & Wolven Nacht are worth a listen; faves are last 2 tracks: Coming is a churning little oddity; LWWLies is a great closer - with creepy voices & goats!
  17. Audio Assault: Part 1
    by Various Artists
  18. Audio Assault: Part 2
    by Compulsive Masturbation Productions
    De Witste Dood De Witste Dood
    Aderlating "De Witste Dood"
  19. The Black Plague
    by Various Artists
    Heksendans Heksendans
    Aderlating "Heksendans"
  20. Gospel Of The Burning Idols (2013)
    by Aderlating
    Gospel Of The Burning Idols Gospel Of The Burning Idols
    Strongest tracks are openers [OOTTomb, AVTDisease] & closers [SOBSOInhumanity, GOTBIdols].